Interview With Loren Jackson
AKRON, OH – JANUARY 10: Akron Zips guard Loren Cristian Jackson (1) shoots during the second half of the men’s college basketball game between the Ball State Cardinals and Akron Zips on January 10, 2020, at the James A. Rhodes Arena in Akron, OH. Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

I was able to interview Loren Jackson. Who was last year’s MAC player of the year and this year’s pre-season all MAC 1st team. Even with covid expect Akron to do great this year.

Interview With Loren Jackson 1-7

1. Who was your biggest influence and why? 

“My biggest influence is my dad because he put a basketball in my hands at a young age. He has continued to guide me and help me on the path that I am on today.”

2. What age did you start playing Basketball and who got you started? 

“I started playing basketball at 2 years old and my dad got started. He was a high school basketball coach at the time. Basketball has always run in my family and been apart of my family.”

3. What was your recruiting process like? 

“My recruiting process was stressful at times because I felt like I was proving myself on the court and coaches weren’t seeing it just because of my height. I felt like coaches weren’t willing to take a chance on a smaller guard. At the end of the day, it didn’t stop me from continuing to work on my game and trusting the process.”

4. Why’d you choose Long Beach St. Originally? 

“I chose Long Beach St originally because they were consistent with their effort on communicating with me and that they wanted me as a player. They believed that I could do big things and they played some of the best teams in the country for the non-conference schedule.”

5. What was the transfer portal like? 

“For me, it wasn’t bad because I was only talking to one school and took a visit to one school. I committed pretty early as I was still in school at Long Beach St. I don’t really feel like I spent much time in the transfer portal.”

6. Why did you finally commit to Akron? 

“When I took my visit I felt comfortable with the staff because I had known them prior because of my dad. To me, Coach Groce had a lot of similarities to my dad who was my coach for many years so I felt very comfortable in his system and being a player for him. I felt like he would put me in the best situation to be the best me, both on the court and off the court.”

7. What’s it like to be nationally recognized as not just one of the best point guards in the country but one of the best players? 

“In my opinion, I don’t feel like I am recognized at all. I believe people use my size as an excuse to say that I am not good enough or capable of being one of the best point guards in the country.”

Interview With Loren Jackson 8-12

8. How has your height affected the way you play since typically there aren’t many players under 6’0 playing at the Division 1 level? 

“I’ve been small all of my life so it doesn’t really affect the way I play, I think it shows that smaller guards are able to accomplish the same thing taller guards are, and even have an advantage in some aspects. Since I have always been small I’ve been able to adjust and find things I can take advantage of rather than it being a disadvantage.” 

9. Realistically how does Akron do in the MAC this year? 

“The main goal is to repeat or do better than what we did last year. Getting better every day as a team and trusting the process.”

10. How far do you think you could make it in the March Madness tournament?

 “I feel that we are a very capable team that can have longevity in the tournament.”

11. What drives you to get better? 

“Being told that I can’t do something just because of my size, and wanting everyone who has helped me get where I have a better life.”

12. What are your goals after basketball? 

“To try to expand and continue my dad’s basketball academy, Victory Rock Prep.”

I enjoyed being able to interview Loren Jackson and I wish him and Akron luck this year. I can’t wait to watch him succeed go Zips. You can read my first interview here and I look forward to doing more.


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