The time has come where I will be fielding offers for those interested in becoming my assistant.

This week on the fantasy show, the people learned two things.

A: I took dance classes in college.

B: I need an assistant.

I’ll give all of you an inside scoop right now. Our fan base deserves to know what’s going on. Recently, we suffered a departure from the site. That person was supposed to make my life easier. Instead, it was filled with false promises and a disappearing act. This person took on a leadership role, texted writers how they weren’t doing enough, and then fell off the face of the earth. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. That doesn’t just make him look like a jackass. It makes me look bad too. That person had to go.

So where do we stand now? Well, as the site grows, the more responsibilities fall on my shoulders. I’m not complaining because I’m happy with the site’s growth. It’s just sometimes you need an assistant. Sometimes I miss grammatical errors when reviewing a post. It happens. I’m a chicken with its head cut off sometimes.

So what would this responsibility include? For starters, you get to spend your days learning how my brain works. Which I should probably charge you for, but I won’t. The assistant will just make my life easier with the site. Review posts to check for grammar, help out on social media, and whatever else needs to be done for the site.

We have big announcements coming soon with the site and are growing at a rapid pace. Who knows? This job could wind up being the cushiest job on the site in the future. If you’re interested in becoming my assistant, shoot the website an email.