Hockey Guy Trey
Icing Daubert has essentially declared victory building a 50 point lead with one day to go. Keep the dogs barking. We don’t stop for anyone.

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: Semi Finals, Day 5

It’s starting to get ugly.

Hockey Guy Trey is on a roll and we have built up what is now a 50 point lead with virtually one day to go. Sunday there’s only one game all day and the opponent has zero players from that team. This puppy is OVER.

Somehow we extended the lead and Tyler Toffoli is the only player that really did anything. He scored on some empty net cheese and got another assist. Best waiver pickup in the game right there.

Just remember, he asked for this. He wanted Trey in the dance and got burned. We’ve essentially been elected president. Just waiting for that coronation.

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