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Hockey Guy Trey
(Kyle Ferreri/Vendetta Sports Media)

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory S2: Semis, Day 1

Hockey Guy Trey takes a commanding lead after day one looking to repeat as fantasy hockey champs. Gavin looks better in gold.

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory S2: Semis, Day 1

The fantasy hockey playoffs are finally here. The rules are different this year. Only four teams make the postseason. It’s not like it matters because we have what may as well be called a bye to the finals anyway.

Hockey Guy Trey
Icing Daubert takes a 38.3 point lead as we intend to slap our way to victory. (Kyle Ferreri/Vendetta Sports Media)

Day one of the fantasy playoffs was an eventful one. We had six players in action tonight so the schedule worked pretty well in our favor today. We’re also pretty sure the other team gave up before the playoffs even started so there is that. After day one, we take a commanding 38.3 point lead. The win is likely already secured and has been since October.

Overall, a solid day. We don’t love that David Pastrnak got hurt mid-game. Hopefully, he’s okay. I’m already on the verge of fighting the Islanders for taking out Jack Hughes. We don’t need any more injuries.

Scoring wise, the team did great. Two wins from the goalies. Jacob Markstrom and Jack Campbell allowed two goals each while collecting a pair of wins. Toronto beat Tampa 6-2 and Calgary beat LA 3-2. Wins are good for a multitude of reasons. Especially those Kings L’s. We like to see that.

Never like your goalie getting beat but at least Steven Stamkos collecting the pair of assists in the loss. Patrik Laine also got on the board with an assist of his own on a goal scored by Zach Werenski.

I just want to know the panic meter right now for Gavin? He’s down after day one. Is he nervous? Will he be there for the Finals?


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