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Colorado Avalanche

(Christian Murdock/ The Gazette)

Did I Curse The Colorado Avalanche?

Colorado Avalanche
I have discovered that I have the power to curse the Colorado Avalanche. (Christian Murdock/ The Gazette)

Did I Curse The Colorado Avalanche?

The evidence is undeniable, the facts are concrete, and every single Colorado Avalanche fan should cower in fear, for somehow, someway, I have managed to curse the Colorado Avalanche. I have no idea how I gained this power, but I sure know how to use it.

Game Three

After getting tired of watching the North Division, I began watching American games. Our NHL group was discussing how ridiculous it was that Colorado was winning considering how many fewer shots they had taken compared to Vegas, so I turned the game on and Vegas proceeded to score two late goals and win 3-2. I thought nothing of this because the Golden Knights had outshot Colorado 43-20 and I was simply excited for the next game in the series.

Game Four

Prior to this game, I had explained to Gavin and Emma that I might be bad luck for Colorado, so I turned on the game and joked that I was going to curse them again. Gavin told me that he did not believe in curses and such and encouraged me to keep the game on, but Emma said she did and encouraged me to turn it off. I eventually flipped the game off, but the damage had already been done, as the Avalanche got smashed 5-1. Vegas did have home ice, so their victory made sense, but I still laughed about being the supposed reason for their win. I messaged a friend of mine who supports Vegas and joked about my newfound power, and when she asked me to watch the rest of the series, I had to oblige.

Game Five

I missed the first period because I was working out at the time, but my friend had asked me to watch the game and I had to answer the call. The Scott signal was in the sky and the time had come to curse Colorado once more. My presence did just that, and Colorado was outscored 3-1 throughout the rest of the game, resulting in a 3-2 overtime win for Vegas. Are you a believer now? Because I sure am.

What Happens Next?

We shall see if the Avalanche can shake off the curse I have put upon them, as I will be watching game six tonight. I would like to apologize to none of the Avalanche fans out there but I would like to remind them that I am only using my power to prove Gavin wrong. Just remember that this is all his fault.

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