Pete Alonso
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The Mets’ First Baseman Stirred Up More MLB Controversy

The worst-run professional sports league in the country is embroiled in controversy yet again, but this time, the controversy involves an issue that the MLB has pushed down the road multiple times already. As offensive numbers have increased in recent years due to the implementation of juiced baseballs, so has the use of illegal foreign substances by pitchers. Now that the baseballs and the league batting stats are back to normal, position players have taken it upon themselves to comment on the issue.

On Tuesday, Gerrit Cole’s smart and definitely not insane comments brought even more attention to the issue of illegal foreign substances being used by pitchers. Essentially, he refused to give a straight answer as to whether he has used “spider tack” in games before, but somehow, crosstown rival Pete Alonso may have topped Cole’s foolishness. You be the judge.


His most damning accusation was this:

“The biggest concern is MLB manipulates the baseball year in and year out depending on free-agency class, or guys being in an advanced part of their arbitration.”

Pete Alonso via ESPN

His whole argument shifted from whether or not it was fair for pitchers to use illegal substances to the likelihood of the MLB conspiring against its own players. Huh??

What Pete Alonso Even Means

What Alonso is claiming here is that the MLB is intentionally manipulating every players’ stats to drive down their value by altering baseballs year to year. According to Alonso, the altering of the baseballs corresponds with whatever the free agency class looks like in that specific year, but the MLB Players Association could sue the hell out of the league if that were true.

A wide divide already exists between the union and the league. In fact, this winter will probably see the biggest collective bargaining dispute between the two parties in the league’s 120-plus year history. Because of the existing divide, there is no chance that Rob Manfred and the MLB would deliberately tank the value of their own players year to year.

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It seems Alonso is just trying to trash the league any chance he gets, especially considering he is one of the only players to actually come out in support of the use of illegal substances.

Conclusion: Alonso Is Probably Making This Up

Without real proof, Alonso’s claims are nothing more than speculation. I doubt anything would come from an investigation if he and the MLBPA wanted to pursue one, but for now, we can sit back and watch, as this situation is likely far from over.