Hard Knocks
Photo Credit: WFAA-TV

Storylines From Hard Knocks Episode: 2

The second episode of Hard Knocks started off with a bang! A team yoga session is going on, and Ezekiel Elliott starts talking about how dry his gooch is. This is really a reality show rather than a football show. Hard Knocks is best known for its video montages of football within the practice. Making every throw, catch, and run look like a highlight play. They are even making third-string quarterback Ben DiNucci look good. He is really bad… I can see him being cut very soon. Their star player is not a part of those montages this week. Dak Prescott is still dealing with a lingering shoulder strain in this week’s practice, only doing some light throwing in workouts. Azur Kamara looks to be the early candidate for the underdog everyone is rooting for to make the team.

The Cowboys would have a joint practice with the Los Angeles Rams, a star-studded team that includes big personalities like Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. This is what every football fan looks forward to during Hard Knocks. These practices can get a little chippy, to say the least. Right on cue, the most dominant defensive player in the league got into it with another player. Donald and Connor Williams got tangled up on the ground with facemasks being pulled. We love to see this!!! Fights on the gridiron are always the best. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!

CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee Lamb, the second-year wide receiver, continues to turn heads at the Cowboys camp. Wearing number #88 for the Cowboys comes with big expectations. Some of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the Cowboys have worn #88. Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, and Dez Bryant are all Cowboy greats who wore the number. CeeDee is looking to exceed all of those players. He makes catching the ball look too easy, already being one of the smoothest receivers in the league.

Second Pre-Season Game

The Cowboys went to the desert to face off with the Arizona Cardinals in the second pre-season game. It was another exhilarating game between backup players!!! Must watch TV with no Dak Prescott and Kyler Murray playing. We have come accustom to just watching backups and rookies fight for a roster spot. Micah Parsons continues to impress as he helped cause a fumble. He would be yanked from the game early again. Parsons was vocal again that he wants more playing time. For a Cowboy, you love to see this from your rookie. Teammates are starting to mock the rookie because they know how mad he gets. The team’s first touchdown of the preseason came from none other than Ben DiNucci!!! It was a slick side-armed pass. Still sucks. Azur Kamara would seal the win with a strip-sack fumble, but a false start by the Cardinals would ruin the moment for the young player trying to make the team. The Cowboys would lose in OT 19-16.

Other Notes From Hard Knocks: Episode 2

Where the hell is Amari Cooper?! The Cowboy’s best play-maker has yet to say a word on either episode. All we have seen from him is catch a couple of passes from Dak Prescott without pads. We all know Amari Cooper is a quiet guy. Can we at least get a little out of him??? He is poised for a big season with the return of Dak Prescott in 2021. I just want to hear something from him to see what makes him tick. Hopefully, in episode three, we will see more of the star wide receiver. Next episode, expect cuts to happen. These are always some of the best moments of Hard Knocks.