2021 MLB Trade Deadline
Writers from Vendetta send in potential 2021 MLB Trade Deadline trades. What letter grade does each fake trade deserve? (Ariel Stull / Vendetta Sports Media)

Grading Fake 2021 MLB Trade Deadline Trades

I asked the baseball writers from Vendetta to send in some potential trades for the upcoming 2021 MLB Trade Deadline. I thought it would be a fun exercise because I’m itching to see who is on the move at the deadline. I will then give a letter grade for each fake trade. Not many participated but here we go. Let’s see what we have.

Milo Coulter:

AJ Pollock, Austin Barnes, Josiah Gray, and a player to be named later for Joey Gallo and Kyle Gibson

Grade: F

No. Sorry Milo, but this is awful. I know you’re a biased Dodger fan but do better. Josiah Gray is a piece certainly teams would be interested in. However, you’re not getting Gallo AND Gibson for one good prospect. I can’t imagine Barnes has any value. Especially to a team not competing. Pollack has negative trade value given his contract. Nobody wants him.

Getting Gallo and Gibson in the same trade is going to cost an arm and a leg. Gray certainly could be part of a package but it’s going to take more than that. Texas doesn’t have interest in Barnes or Pollock.

Jesse Winker for Clint Frazier and Gio Urshela

Grade: F

Nope. Jesse Winker is one of the best pure sluggers in baseball making his first All-Star game this year. Cincinnati also has a ton of infield options. Eugenio Suarez is struggling but he’s just two years removed from 49 bombs. They also have Mike Moustakas and Nick Senzel who are hurt but can play the position. Cincinnati has no reason to sell Winker for this package even if Urshela has some value.

Frazier’s inclusion is the same as a bag of chips at this point. He’s all sorts of messed up.

Jeremy Rinaldi:

Arizona sends Eduardo Escobar to Milwaukee for Hayden Cantrelle (Milwaukee’s 16th ranked prospect) and Dylan File (#26)

“The Brewers have arguably the best pitching staff in the league, but need to acquire some offensive talent if they want to contend for a World Series Title. Escobar was an All-Star earlier this month and is a reliable RBI hitter. He can play both second base and third base and should provide Milwaukee with the offensive help they need to match the likes of the Dodgers or the Padres at the plate”

Grade: B

I like this trade here. Not sure if Cantrelle and File are the pieces to get it done but it seems reasonable. Escobar is a rental so he won’t come as a big acquisition cost. The Brewers need offense and Escobar fits because he can play multiple positions.

The only reason I won’t give it an A is because I’m not sure the Brewers win the bidding war here. I think the White Sox are the landing spot. Plus, I think Milwaukee really doesn’t want to take at-bats away from Urias, Adames, and Wong in the infield.

Adam Krieger

Kris Bryant and Craig Kimbrel for Mets prospect # 2 Ronny Mauricio and Khalil Lee, plus JD Davis

“Obviously, the Mets need another righty hitter, Diaz has been shaky so having Kimbrel will be an advantage, don’t need Davis with Bryant and KB is so versatile they can still use Villar and Guillorme. Mauricio is the SS behind Lindor for 11 years sooooo might as well sell high when you need a win”

Grade: A

Spot on here. Bryant by himself won’t command the farm but when you add Kimbrel with the type of year he’s having, different ball game. The cheap club option for 2022 on Kimbrel makes his value immense. I think Bryant for Davis cancel each other out (despite the fact that I wouldn’t trade Davis straight up for Bryant). Mauricio is the type of prospect that Cubs will want in a trade like this. Lee is another top prospect even though I’m not sure he ever hits at the big league level. Maybe add one more guy in here and you have a deal. Makes a lot of sense. Especially with Lindor blocking Mauricio.

Check out the post I wrote on Bryant yesterday. He makes too much sense for the Mets.

Garrett Burroughs

Shohei Ohtani to SD for MacKenzie Gore, CJ Abrams, Reggie Lawson, Tommy Pham

Grade: B-

It’s not an A because it will never happen but I love it. The Angels need to get with reality and just accept the fact that they’re not contenders. Ohtani will be a free agent before you know it and the Angels are going to have to cough up the bag.

This trade idea by Garrett isn’t perfect for one reason. Only because Pham is a free agent after this season. Throw in Robert Hassell instead and you got a deal. MacKenzie Gore is a stud. CJ Abrams looks like a monster in the infield for years to come. Lawson is the Padres #7 prospect.

Won’t happen but if I’m running the Angels I’m open to something like this. Have to be. Get with reality.