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The Washington Football Team released an extensive list of possible team names to season ticket holders earlier this week. Each season ticket holder received ten possible names and was asked to pick their two favorites. Although the WFT will stick with their generic name for the 2021 NFL season, another name change could be coming for the 2022 season. Given that the Washington Football Team is my favorite team, I wanted to provide some input as well. Here are grades for each of the potential team names for Washington’s NFL franchise.


Grade: D+

Kinda cool, but way too Las Vegas for my liking. Unless we’re also moving the team, this one doesn’t really make much sense.


Grade: C+

This one is okay as far as representing the nation’s capital, but the Ambassadors would be such a lame moniker for a football team.


Grade: C-

I’m not really seeing the connection to D.C. with this one. If someone made a cool jersey mockup for this, I might be more interested, but for now it’s a no.


Grade: C

This is a solid mid-level option. Not amazing, not terrible, just meh.


Grade: A-

I like this one a lot. It just sounds so dope. I also don’t think this name will get the consideration it deserves. Armada could come with a sick gunship logo or something like that. I’m on board for this.


Grade: D+

Does D.C. have any sort of major accomplishments in aviation I wasn’t aware of? There’s a much better flight-related name later on this list anyway.


Grade: D

Nah. Next.


Grade: C-

Unique, sure, but what does this even mean? Is it a reference to the Capital Beltway? If it is, I’ve never heard this term before in my life.


Grade: B-

This one’s pretty cool. Not as cool as Armada, but not bad at all.


Grade: B

Solid, but it sounds kind of generic.


Grade: C+

This was the name of Washington D.C.’s XFL team, but I’m honestly not sure if that helps it or hurts it. I’ll give it a middling grade for now.

Demon Cats

Grade: B-

This one is so off the wall and makes so little sense that I actually like it more. If this became the new name, I probably wouldn’t complain about it.

First City Football Club (FCFC)

Grade: F

Nope. FC should only be attached to soccer teams. Not only is there one FC, this name has two of them. Awful.


Grade: D-

This one just doesn’t fit the team or the city at all. Get it off the list.


Grade: B

Basically in the same tier as the Commanders for me.


Grade: F

This one just sounds awful. Can you imagine anyone cheering for a team called the Icons? Neither can I.


Grade: C-

Not really liking this one.


Grade: F

This one is hilariously bad. Let’s call a team the Monarchs when they’re based in the capital of a country that was established on overthrowing the monarchy. That’s an F. And that F is for freedom. (Also, the Kansas City Monarchs were a prominent Negro League team and I think they should keep the name for themselves.)


Grade: D-

This is just the Aviators, but less creative.


Grade: C+

Almost too obvious to be any good.


Grade: D+

The University of Arkansas wore it much better. At the end of the day, any name already associated with a major team or brand just isn’t going to work.


Grade: A

I wrote about this one a while back. There’s a lot to like here. The preliminary jersey mockups are clean and it pays homage to the Tuskegee Airmen. Pretty sick.


Grade: A+

This only gets a bump above the Redtails because it’s my personal favorite. I wrote about this one in my old post as well. It just sounds absolutely fire. Going from the Washington Football Team to the Redwolves would be a major glowup.

Red Hogs

Grade: B+

This one is cool because it is a callback to the dominant Washington offensive lines of the 1980s and 1990s. A look back at the team’s history makes for a good name.


Grade: B

Not bad. Wouldn’t mind this one.


Grade: C-

I’ll pass.


Grade: C+

Using a verb as a noun in a name is a bold choice, and I randomly remembered that’s called a gerund. At the end of the day, this loses points because it made me think of obscure grammatical terms.


Grade: F

Kansas City called and they want their MLB team name back. Plus, the whole reason I think the Monarchs is a bad idea applies here too.


Grade: F

No. This sounds unbearably dumb.


Grade: D+

I don’t mind Taylor Swift, but the amount of flack the team would catch from the rest of the league for this makes it a bad idea.


Grade: F

Yeah, let’s name the team after one of the greatest sports dynasties in recent memory. Nope, not happening.

Washington DC Football Club (DCFC)

Grade: F

The FC thing again. Stop that.

Washington Capital City Football Club (CCFC)

Grade: F

The FC thing for a third time. Stop that.


Grade: C-

I don’t want the new team name to be an SAT word, thanks.

Wild Hogs

Grade: B+

The same as the Red Hogs for me.

32FC (W32)

Grade: F

Imagine if your favorite team’s name looked like the WiFi password to a vacation rental property. It took me forever to figure out that the 32 was because the WFT was founded in 1932. This idea is absolutely ridiculous.

Football Team

Grade: B-

Not gonna lie, the Washington Football Team has grown on me a little bit. I would prefer if we had a different name, but I don’t think I would hate it if we just left the WFT where it is.

So to recap, my top replacements for the new WFT name are the Redwolves, Redtails, Red Hogs, Wild Hogs, and Armada. There are a few others that would be okay, but those are my favorites as of now. As long as it isn’t the Rubies or one of the FCs. Those are terrible.


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