Golden Tate
(Bill Kostroun/Associated Press)

Golden Tate was absent from the Giants sideline this weekend. Tate was benched for disciplinary reasons. Head coach Joe Judge is not having it. Thank Dave Gettleman for bringing yet another clown in.

Golden Tate is a Primadonna.

Tate was in some hot water for last week’s actions against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When he yelled into the camera, to ‘Throw me the damn ball’. Sorry, Tate who exactly do you think you are?

Tate is an overpaid old player of yesteryear. Who not only, barely gets separation, but he then demands the ball from Giants QB, Daniel Jones. Not to mention Jones is Mr. Turnover.

Daniel Jones Doesn’t Need to Start Force Feeding a Selfish Mouth.

Jones does not need to be force-feeding Tate the ball. When Jones can barely see his open receivers as it is. However, Jones looked decent yesterday and didn’t have a turnover. Which was a pleasant surprise.

Tate just isn’t a good player anymore and with an attitude like that. He needs to be cut immediately. The Giants replaced Tate, with young receiver Austin Mack, and the offense didn’t miss Tate at all.

Primadonna wide receivers are prominent in the NFL today. However, I can take the antics when they put up. For instance, Odell Beckham Jr. did not bother me that much because he was super productive. However, Tate isn’t even in the same stratosphere as Odell.

Coach Judge has been doing a great job with a Giants team that has very little talent. And when there is a receiver who is over-paid, easily replaceable, and is causing problems within the team. That guy has to go and it’s so refreshing as a Giants fan to see a coach not taking any crap from his selfish players.

The bottom line is Tate has no place on this team if that’s how he’s going to act. It’s not good for Jones, Judge, or the Giants organization. Get this man out of here and let him wither his career away with someone else. There’s a reason he got kicked out of Seattle and Detriot.