Gardner Minshew Ryan Fitzpatrick
(James Gilbert/Getty Images)

With the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to take a once-in-a-generation talent in Trevor Lawrence. However, where does that leave former up-and-comer Gardner Minshew, who the Jaguars have now ruined? Minshew is too good to be a career backup in the NFL. However, without top-tier weapons, he is not good enough to be a franchise-starting quarterback either. It appears as if Minshew is destined to go from team to team, starting until the franchise can land their new franchise quarterback. Gardner Minshew will become this generation’s, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Play Style

Both Fitzpatrick and Minshew are explosive players. They can be down all game then throw two touchdowns in 5 minutes. On the other hand, they can play well all game, but throw three interceptions in the fourth quarter. Both are good at their peaks, but reek when on their lows. They are both the definition of inconsistent and unpredictable.

However, as he has aged, Fitzpatrick has become more consistent, but still not enough to be a long-time starter in the NFL. It will most likely end up being the same for Minshew as well.

The Community

Now, many people will say that there are many quarterbacks like that in the league. Those people are correct. However, what separates Ryan Fitzpatrick is the love and the community that he has created over the years. No other in-between quarterback gets as much love as Ryan Fitzpatrick. Every franchise that he has played for has loved him. Moreover, because of his explosive play, he has earned the title of “Fitzmagic”.

Gardner Minshew in his short career already has a fan club behind him. In his rookie season, he made spectacular throws and several wins leading to the phrase “Minshew Mania”. Despite his lack of production and elite talent, people love him. Already his mustache is iconic and he has only been in the NFL for two years.

Soon Ryan Fitzpatrick will retire from the NFL. However, another will take his place as the elite backup and okay starter that everyone loves and respects. That man will be Gardner Minshew, he will become this generation’s, Ryan Fitzpatrick.