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Fox Sports Creates Gambling Show Featuring Brent Musburger, Charissa Thompson, And Clay Travis

Fox Sports

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Fox Sports
Fox Sports is creating a new gambling show and it has disaster written all over it (Getty Images)

You seriously can’t make this stuff up. Fox Sports and ESPN have been having a heavyweight showdown trying to outdo each other in an arms race to see who can hire more clowns. Fox Sports has done their best to hire former ESPN rejects like Chris Broussard, Skip Bayless, and Colin Cowherd. Let’s be honest; All three of these guys outside of Cowturd have zero talent. Cowherd’s show is probably the best in terms of quality but he still uses LeBron James as his own personal mouthwash and has become a hot take machine since joining the Network. Broussard can’t even spell the word “Memphis”.

Fox Sports
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While I could spend weeks diving into the dumpster fire that is FS1 (Hell, I’m surprised Nick Wright’s nose hasn’t killed someone yet) the company has now reached new lows. I’m not sure that was really possible considering Chris Broussard openly hates gay people and he got hired anyway. Fox Sports’ new idiotic idea rivals ESPN’s decision to create ‘Get Up’, a show that features the Shape of Water fish monster, Michelle Beadle, spinless Mike Greenburg, and talentless Jalen Rose. Fox Sports will create a gambling show that features the likes of Brent Musburger, Charissa Thompson, and Clay Travis.

The news was reported by Michael McCarthy of Sporting News:

ESPN’s Morning Show ‘Get Up’ Ratings Go From Bad To Worse

Let’s start with Brent Musburger. In reality, Musburger is getting to the age where his body is starting to attract flies. If you threw a banana peel out on the street and just let it rot, it sort of would take the shape of Musburger at this point. Musburger, 79, frankly can barely even speak anymore. Maybe it sounds harsh but you can’t tell me that Musburger is capable of putting out a quality product, especially considering that he has no track record of doing anything outside of being a color commentator. Considering the show is scheduled to take place from 5-6 P.M. I’m worried that Musburger will miss his old person bedtime.

Putting a 79-year-old male next to a 36-year-old female just doesn’t feel right…does it? There’s no way to hide the fact that the only reason that Charissa Thompson is employed is because of the fact that she’s considered attractive. Thompson has nude photos of herself leaked out all over the internet which probably makes her more hireable at a company like FOX that epitomizes the white privileged conservative male. Would Fox put any women in front of the cameras on a real talk show where the woman is more than a host who actually contributes to the show other than her looks? Doubtful.

Kristine Leahy even got her own show with Fox after she was paid to read off simple news lines on the Herd. Leahy doesn’t really have talent and multiple people frankly watched Cowherd’s show because he looked good. Then again, Fox probably had no choice to promote her after LaVar Ball come on the Herd and completely humiliated her. Cowherd did nothing except laugh and watch his colleague get battered on live TV without defending her one time. Despite the fact that Leahy wasn’t great at her job by any means, she didn’t deserve to be treated so disrespectfully. LaVar Ball even threatened Leahy and he wasn’t removed from the studio.

I actually feel slightly bad for Joy Taylor, the woman who took Leahy’s role on the Herd, because she has shown that she isn’t a total imbecile. It makes sense considering that Taylor is the sibling of former Hall of Famer Jason Taylor was exposed to sports her whole life so it’s no surprise that she’s proven to be competent. Too bad she’s been stuck watching Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe basically spit at each other with outrageous sports takes that don’t even sound real for most of her Fox tenure. I’m actually surprised Cowherd welcomed someone on his show of any decent other than caucasian considering he spent his final days at ESPN spreading racist remarks about Latin American baseball players.

Back to Thompson, the trio gets really ugly considering that Clay Travis is the third wheel. Travis has been ESPN’s biggest enemy by claiming that the company is an uber left wing. A: That’s not true considering the basically treated Jemele Hill like a second class citizen because she put Donald Trump on blast. Rightfully so too! B: Critiquing anything for believing in human rights is not a bad thing. The combination of Thompson and Travis should be a fascinating one to watch. Will he get caught just staring at her breasts for minute-long segments? You think I’m kidding but that seems like a pretty certain to happen.

Remember when Travis said this in regards to Jemele Hill’s battle with Donald Trump:

“I don’t believe Jemele Hill should be fired for tweeting Donald Trump was a white supremacist and for recently saying police officers are modern-day slave catchers. I also don’t believe Curt Schilling should have been fired for what he said about the North Carolina transgender bathroom law or any of the other conservative political positions he’s adopted over the years. That’s because I’m a First Amendment absolutist — the only two things I 100 percent believe in are the First Amendment and boobs — who is also capable of doing something that most in modern media seem incapable of — distinguishing between a person’s public job and their private political beliefs. (Which are also public thanks to modern-day social media.)”

It’s only a matter of time until Travis outkicks his coverage and crosses the line when speaking to Thompson. This show is a disaster waiting to happen in more ways than one. Can you believe I went this entire show without bashing Jason Whitlock one time! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that FOX hired a black male who actually supports Donald Trump so he can be the Network’s personal puppet.

Ryan Hollins Is The Worst ESPN Analyst Since Will Cain

This is the exact reason why I started Vendetta, to combat the unintelligent products that are being put out there in the sports world. I can guarantee that I can and will produce some sort of gambling show that is better than this trash. I expect my doctor to be educated. I expect my school teachers to be educated. I sure expect better from the Television Networks.

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