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Former VSM Employee Complains About Inactive 2023 NHL Trade Deadline

Hockey Guy Trey
Former VSM employee has complained that the historically busy 2023 NHL Trade Deadline, in fact, wasn’t busy enough for him. (Lyndon Toe/Vendetta Sports Media)

Former VSM Employee Complains About Inactive 2023 NHL Trade Deadline

There have been 47 trades in the NHL since January 30th. 38 of which have come over the last seven days. It’s been one of the biggest deadlines in recent memory and somehow surpassed all the action that NBA had a month prior. By comparison, there were only 17 trades in the NBA during trade season.

Today is actual deadline day in the NHL and it feels like there is nobody left to move. It’s been nonstop action to the point where I’m getting annoyed at how many posts our team has been forced to write. Frankly, it’s been impossible to cover and even the insiders are feeling tired. Premier reporter Frank Seravalli, for example, has been on record during basically all of his live shows that he’s ready for the deadline to be over so that he can have his life back.

There will likely be more trades today and we may hit the 60 trade mark by the end of the day. Young Andrew will have his tracker out for all the deals shortly and he’s going to have his work cut out for him. Mostly because teams have not stopped making deals.

Apparently, none of that is good enough for former VSM writer, Gavin Daly. He wants NHL teams to bend the knee to his needs because the world should know that he has off of work today.

47 trades and counting wasn’t good enough for Gavin. Neither was friendship either I guess. Gavin is no longer with the company after sending me an out of the blue Instagram message telling me that he was done without any real explanation. Maybe I would have been rubbed the wrong way regardless, but I’m not sure that was the way to go about it. Gavin would have never been fired, let’s also make that clear.

We’ll all miss Gavin, truth be told. He was an important part of the NHL chat at Vendetta and it won’t be the same without him. I won’t pretend otherwise. At the same token, he’s clearly lost part of his brain because anybody complaining about the lack of activity from the NHL during trade season is clearly in Looney Tunes land.

I don’t have all the answers. Maybe I broke his brain when he realized that he will never beat me in fantasy hockey. Who knows. I wanted Gavin here at Vendetta for the long haul but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. He’s got bigger fish to fry like complaining about the fact that 8,234 trades isn’t good enough for him.

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