David Wilson
Patrick E. McCarthy

Former Giants runningback David Wilson will be competing in the Addidas Grand Prix this weekend and is eyeing a 2016 Olympic Bid. Wilson suffered a career ending neck injury during his second season in the league. Days after retiring from the NFL Wilson was already preparing himself into the triple jump.

Seeing a player like Wilson have his career cut short  was difficult to watch. I loved watching him at Virginia Tech as you could see he had the ability to take one to the house at any moment. When the Giants drafted Wilson in the first round in 2013 I thought they may wind up with a real steal. Wilson even average an impressive 5 yard per carry average during his rookie campaign.  Ever since Wilson’s career ended the team has been looking for a change of pace back ever since, none quite as good as David Wilson could have been. We wish him the best of luck in his attempt to secure a spot in the upcoming olympic games. Let’s hope this is not the last we here about David Wilson.