Football Analytics
Bill Kostroun/AP Images

Football analytics are so far behind baseball it’s almost laughable. However, this analytical driven coaches ranking system is by far the most egregious thing I have ever seen.

I was scrolling through Twitter today and saw a blog from Barstool Clem, about some ridiculous coaching ranking system. I go and take a look and my God is this thing ugly.

Football Analytics is So Far Behind It’s Ridiculous.

This list is just hideous from top to bottom. However, I’ll tell you what are my biggest gripes with this list. First, Joe Judge is at 30. The guy just won a game on the road in Seattle with a backup quarterback. Judge has the Giants in first-place and he’s ranked 30. Ok, whatever surely it doesn’t get worse. Oh no, it gets much worse.

If Analytics Tell Me Adam Gase isn’t a Bad Coach Who’s Really the Crazy One?

Adam Gase head coach of the winless, abysmal, horrible New York Jets is ranked 18. Gase is higher than Judge and not like one spot, he is in the middle of the pack of NFL Coaches. There is no way a coach that doesn’t have a win this season is seriously ahead of guys like *checks notes* Bill Belichick, Brian Flores, and Pete Carroll? WHAT IS THIS?

The fun doesn’t stop there. Dan Quinn, former coach of the Atlanta Falcons, is at 11. Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys is at 14. So let me get this straight you have to be absolutely inept at your job to be high on this list. All this list shows me is football analytics is so far behind the 8-Ball they might as well throw it away.

It’s comical, absolute tomfoolery, to have winning coaches and coaches in playoff races near the bottom. But, guys like Gase, Quinn, and McCarthy are in the middle or near the top 10. Do everyone a favor, all you computer guys, take your football analytical systems and throw them in the trash. Or even better shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

I don’t live in the Stone Age before anyone starts with that garbage. I know analytics are useful and when applied correctly they can be franchise changers. However, when they are used like this and not backed up by any tangible evidence. It makes the whole system look bad.