Episode 54 of the FIFA 20 Arsenal career mode is LIVE! Things are moving and grooving in the 3rd season of this career mode. We have two FIFA 20 games for you and then some transfer moves to round out the roster for this year. Yes, I’m still making transfer moves, deal with it.

First, we have the Super Cup against Tottenham. Apparently, they won the Europa League so we gear up for a game against the Spurs since we won the Champions League. We have played Spurs a million times already so you know the drill. The final game is just a short highlight video against Newcastle. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. The show must go on.

To end the video, we make some transfer moves. This one includes some entertainment. We have some 3-way trade cheese to report. Seriously, we pull it off somehow. We also steal a player that Real Madrid is trying to get rid of for nothing for no reason. Plus, a player on our team refuses to leave.