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Fantasy Football Twists to Spice Up Your League

When you play fantasy football every year, sometimes you need to spice things up or add new elements of strategy. I brainstormed some fun twists to add to your league or start a new league with.

Reverse Points League

I’ve tried this one with some success. It needs some tweaks, but the idea is there. The gist of this league is that points are completely inverted, other than yards. Quarterbacks lose points for touchdowns and gain points for interceptions. Running backs get points for fumbles. Defenses score big if their opponents score big. Kickers get points for missing field goals and extra points. Because you need negative things to happen for your team to score points, managers are forced to draft players that will actually play and have to guess which ones won’t do well. This league also rewards futility – draft players who produce a ton of yards without scoring.

Start-Or-Cut League

You want total chaos? Here’s my best effort to give it to you. In this league, any player on your roster that doesn’t start in a given week must get dropped onto the waiver wire. The amount of roster turnover in this league would be insane, waiver priorities become way more important, and new strategies pop up. Maybe there’s a player on a bye week that you would like to keep, so you just take the 0 for the week to avoid dropping him.

Big Kicker League

This one’s pretty simple. Nerf the points for running backs and compensate by boosting the points for kickers. Add another starting spot for a kicker.

Defunct Franchise League

The twist of this league starts before the draft. Spin a wheel with all 32 NFL teams on it. The team that the wheel lands on immediately becomes defunct and no player from that team can be drafted. Spin the wheel two or three times to make things really interesting.

U25 League

This is exactly what it sounds like. The only players eligible in the draft are those age 25 or younger. Just like a national team in soccer, there are a predetermined number of players each team can have above the age limit. Teams full of rookies and young quarterbacks force managers to make decisions about which young guys they are buying into for that year.

These are just a few ideas to mess around with your fantasy football league. If I come up with more, I’ll add them later.


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