Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan is being asked to take a hometown discount on his next contract. It might be easier said then done considering the recent trend. (Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports)

Falcons owner Arthur Blank apparently isn’t too thrilled with how the quarterback market has shaken out in recent years. Matthew Stafford landed a deal worth $27 million per year, topping the previous mark of Derek Carr’s annual mark of $25 million per year. Hell, maybe Kirk Cousins tops all of them!

Falcons owner Arthur Blank wants Matt Ryan to take a team friendly deal which is in the best interest of his franchise.

I don’t care about the other quarterbacks’ movement,” Blank recently told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “What I care about is taking care of our quarterback in a way that’s respectful to him and in a way that is respectful to the franchise.”

Matt Ryan will enter the final year of his contract in 2018. Matt Ryan can likely break the bank as a former MVP award winner in 2016. Extending Ryan is obviously a priority with the Falcons as they know they can’t lose their franchise quarterback. It’s just to be a matter of how much it costs. Obviously team owner Arthur Blank wants him to take a discount of some sorts in order to continue to improve the surronding roster.

“We have to approach it in a thoughtful way, and thoughtfully I think that Matt is the kind of quarterback and kind of person that will understand, at this point in his life, this is also about what is his legacy going to be,” Blank said. “He wants to win championships, and he wants to make sure the team is in an overall team position that we can compete for our own talent and compete for other free agents. Compete and pay well [for] the draft choices when they get their second contracts. He understands that.”

It’s easy to ask Ryan to take a discount by at the end of the day, he could command upwards of $30 million a year. This is an interesting storyline to follow during the offseason.