Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott: To Move or Not To Move? (Harry How/Getty Images)

With training camps well under away for all 32 teams in the NFL, all players are reporting to their cities where camp is held in preparation for preseason games…or so you’d think. A number of players are holding out, seeking new, long term deals with their teams (Clowney, Gordon, Ngakoue). Including the man pictured above, Ezekiel Elliott, former 4th overall pick of America’s team the Dallas Cowboys. Still, on his rookie deal for another two seasons, Elliot has made the decision to sit out into the season, possibly not playing at all, in search for a new contract. Now I know what you’re thinking: why on earth would someone hold out TWO YEARS before their contract ends? Great question. But that is the decision that has been made and it leaves Dallas with two options: pay the man, or don’t. I have my opinion, but we will get to that. Lets get into why Dallas should pay Zeke the big bucks.

The word on the street is that Jerry Jones has his eyes set on making the star-studded trio or Cooper, Prescott and Elliott among the fifth-highest paid among their positions, and rightfully so. Prescott has shown flashes of excellence, Cooper has been highly touted as a star waiting to burst but Ezekiel Elliott, man, he is a different breed. In 2019, he led all backs with 1,434 yards, coupled with 6 rushing touchdowns and 3 receiving. Since entering the league in 2016, he has rushed for 4,048 yards which puts him right at the top of the leaders. When you watch him play, his energy is infectious and he does show a true love for the game of football. It makes you wonder how could you not pay him what he wants when he is arguably the best player on the team? Let me explain.

To take a quote from the “great” Colin Cowherd, “Take a breath, and let me explain.” Dallas honestly should start exploring their possibilities for trades for the star running back from Ohio State. My reasoning is 3 fold. 1) his track record off the field is not exactly squeaky clean: domestic abuse claims, getting handcuffed at music festivals and other run-ins with the law doesn’t scream dependable. 2) Cap space. Dallas going into this offseason had reportedly $22 Million in free space, and with Jerry Jones wanting to sign their three headed monster to near record setting deals? Where is that money going to come from? Lastly, running backs can be found anywhere in the draft. Lindsay in Denver, undrafted. Kamara in New Orleans, 3rd round. Connor out of Pittsburgh, 3rd round. Multiple guys in the second round (Mixon, Bell, Chubb) I could go on. Not to mention all the Hall of Famers drafted outside even the first two rounds of the draft. Every draft class will have depth at offensive skill positions, it is just up to scouts to find it.

I want Dallas fans to understand something. It’s not like I have something against yall, or Zeke, or Jerry or any of that. I think Dallas is going to win the division and can legit compete for a Super Bowl bid this year. But I also think they can do it without Ezekiel Elliott, and his price will never be higher for what you can get. Cash in.