Enes Kanter
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Enes Kanter Is Now On Winnie-The-Pooh’s Watchlist

Over the past week or so, Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter has been in the news a lot. Not because he’s done anything bad, but because he is speaking out about the NBA and some of it’s leading figures have remained silent on the bad things going on in China. Now, Kanter is taking aim at the King himself before their matchup on Friday.

Talk about shots fired. If you don’t know what the shoe reference is I will try to fill you in as best and as quickly as I can. Back in 2019 when Hong Kong was protesting an overreach by the Chinese government, then general manager of the Houston Rockets Daryl Morey (now with the Philadelphia 76ers) tweeted in support of those protestors. This sent the NBA into a frenzy.

In case you did not know, China is a Communist country. Meaning that the state has total control over everything. And because China is Communist and cares a lot about its image, they did not take too kindly to this tweet. The NBA has BILLIONS of dollars tied into China, so naturally Commissioner Adam Silver and other top NBA stars were slow to make comments.

As for LeBron James, when asked about the situation, he said that he was not educated enough on what was going on In Hong Kong to comment. In my personal opinion, that was total BS. LeBron is a smart guy. He said what he said to protect Nike, who is dependent on cheap (pretty much slave) labor from China to make their expensive shoes and clothes for pennies.

Kanter Stirring Up The Honey Pot

So why all this drama? Well, Enes Kanter went on CNN and spilled the beans on the NBA. Kanter claims the NBA threatened him with suspension and even had a meeting with Silver concerning his shoes criticizing the genocide of the Islamic Uyghurs at the hands of China.

Best of luck to Enes Kanter. He’s going to war with some powerful entities. It will be interesting to see if a reporter mentions Kanter’s shoes to LeBron. If I was in the press room, I would 1000% ask LeBron that question. The Lakers and Celtics play on Friday and LeBron should be cleared to play. Definitely something we will be keeping an eye on.

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