LeBron James
Daryl Morey cares about human rights. It’s clear that LeBron James does not. (Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

The biggest story in the NBA has been about China? Yes, not kidding. Rockets gm Daryl Morey sent out a tweet that simply said “Fight for Freedom. Stand for Hong Kong”. Seems harmless enough. Well, China freaked out and has cut funding to the NBA. That put the NBA in a tough spot. Defend Morey who simply put out a pro human rights tweet or apologize to China to save face and make sure the league doesn’t lose out on millions? This is what we call a lose – lose. Of course, simpleton LeBron James spoke out on the matter. He couldn’t have sounded like more of a jackass.

My favorite part of the quote is when he tries to say that Morey isn’t “educated” on that matter. It’s laughable. Morey went to MIT. You have to be brilliant to even get into to that school. I think Morey knew exactly what he was saying when he spoke. If anyone isn’t educated on the matter, it’s LeBron who finished high school. That’s it. I’m sure he keeps up with world news like Morey does. What a fucking jackass.

This is LeBron James speaking. The same guy that claims to be aware of all the human injustice that goes on in this country. When it’s time to speak out about human rights in another country, LeBron is just worried about his money. He has more than he will ever know what to do with. His family will be wealthy 4 generations from now. He’s just a piece of shit human that I’ve been trying to tell you that he is. “People could have been harmed” Yeah, your bank account. Guess what? People are being harmed.

China’s government is not great. Everything is censored. There’s millions of Muslims being held in concentration camps. The people that speak out against the government, get taken to the woodshed and get whacked. Hong Kong is supposed to be a separate entity but its citizens are losing freedom every single day. People are being harmed. It just so happens that these people don’t affect LeBron in any way so he doesn’t give a fuck. Daryl Morey does. Who’s the real asshole here?

You can’t defend LeBron anymore. You used to be able to say “well, he’s a great guy”? He’s exactly who I thought he is. An ASSHOLE. He only does nice things if he gets praised for it. Just like building that school despite the fact that Ohio Taxpayers paid for a large portion of it. Daryl Morey cares about human rights. LeBron James cares about himself.