It’s time for an emergency press conference. The last time I had to do one of these wasn’t so much of an emergency. More of a body bag situation. This time shit got real. As I explained in the video, we had so much traffic we slowed every single site down on the internet using the host. The issue has since been taken care of as we had to upgrade the server and switch out a number of plugins.

I tried to tell you from day one. I’m not here to messing around. I started this company because I believe I’m the best sports mind on the planet but have unfairly never been given an opportunity. Every single person that works here believes the same thing in themselves. Vendetta is here to fight back against that injustice.

Here’s what I know.

A: We’re way ahead of schedule.

B: It’s a matter of weeks not years before we start landing lucrative ad deals.

Side Notes: Serenity Liessmann has been promoted to COO. She’s a rockstar and has been putting an incredible amount of time starting the internship program which will be up and running shortly.

To The Moon