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Jalen Reagor
(John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Eagles Should Take The L On Jalen Reagor And Move On

Jalen Reagor
The Eagles should just accept the fact that Jalen Reagor sucks and move on. The ghost of Justin Jefferson makes it impossible for him to thrive at this point. (John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Eagles Should Take The L On Jalen Reagor And Move On

Jalen Reagor won’t be the first or last athlete that the city of Philadelphia can’t stand. He’s not even the current leader for the most hated. That prize goes to Ben Simmons. However, like Simmons, we know the end is near for Reagor. This puppy is shot.

It’s time for the Eagles to take the L on Jalen Reagor and move on. Howie Roseman should NEVER get to live down the fact that he passed on Justin Jefferson. Frankly, it’s a miracle he didn’t lose his job for that decision. As if the one to draft JJ Arcega-Whiteside ahead of DK Metcalf wasn’t bad enough.

The crux of it all has created a toxic energy that’s now impossible for Reagor to succeed. It would be one thing if Reagor was a stud but just as good as Jefferson. The fact of the matter is, Reagor can’t play and the shadow of Jefferson will make Reagor hated in Philadelphia forever.

It’s not much different from the interns here. We have a group of kids every year that simply are not capable of doing this job. It’s just a fact. It would be one thing if they were bad. The group of studs that we have and the expectations they bring to the table is what pushes the bad crowd out or forces them to quit. They realize they’re not that talented and it forces them out one way or another.

The entire world knew that Jefferson was better than Reagor. Well, except for Roseman and PFF. The Vikings laughed at Philadelphia for a reason. In a city like Philadelphia, you’re not coming back from that one. Eagle fans deserve better and Reagor has no ability to make them accept him.

Like Simmons with the 76ers, the Eagles have to move on from Reagor. It’s much easier to do so in the NFL. Does it really matter how it happens? At this point, I highly doubt any team is eager to throw draft picks for the chance to bring in Reagor. The guy stinks and can’t catch. Cut him and get it over with. Ditto for Arcega-Whiteside.

The end is near for Jalen Reagor. We all know this. Stop trying to convince yourself Reagor can turn it around. Even Jefferson feels bad for the guy. It’s not going away. Get rid of the headache and try to start over with the ammo of draft picks the Eagles have.

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