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EA Reportedly Working On A Marvel Project

(Via Electronic Arts)

EA Reportedly Working On A Marvel Project

Electronic Arts is one of the biggest video game companies, and they now might be taking on one of the most popular franchises. EA is rumored to be working with Marvel on a new project, and the new video game might be in the fighting genre. The information can be seen below.  

EA has a firm grasp on the sports gaming market as they make Madden, NHL, FIFA, and UFC. They are well known for their sports games, but that does not mean they can not be successful in creating a fighting game. It is not clear what type of fighting game the Marvel project would be, as it can be more of a player vs player game or a player vs environment game. 

EA has their UFC series and their boxing Fight Night series as a foundation to build a great Marvel fighting game. UFC and Fight Night have different fighting mechanics, but both games are extremely fun to play and have a competitive skill gap. However, if the Marvel Project was a more story mode player vs environment game, then EA could look at their Star Wars games for inspiration. Their Star Wars titles revolve around fighting against more computers as well as players, but on bigger scales with huge maps and different powers. The Star Wars characters using ‘the force’ and different powers might better reflect a Marvel game with the variety of superhero powers.

There is some precedent with a Marvel fighting game, as EA released Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. This was a fighting game released in 2005 on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube, but this game did not receive great reviews. However, EA has come a long way since 2005 and there is no doubt that they could come up with a fantastic story like they did with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

A NetherRealm Marvel Product

If NetherRealm were gets to do the Marvel Fighting game, then most fans would feel comfortable knowing the game is in great hands. NetherRealm has two of the top fighting franchises on the market in Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

These games have phenomenal story modes and fighting mechanics, which makes for a great gaming experience. Also, the characters in these franchises have powers and fighting styles similar to Marvel superheroes, so the same type of gameplay would make sense for a Marvel product.

It will be interesting to see who actually makes the Marvel fighting game. If it is EA, then they have another opportunity to make a classic game and create another huge franchise.

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