I don’t understand NFTs and I have no desire to learn. I’m all for scamming the rich but I want no part of this game that’s being played.

I Don’t Understand NFTs And I Have No Interest Learning

Don’t talk to me about NFTs. I have no interest and I don’t care to learn. I could end the blog right there but I just have more to say.

Recently, Logan Paul spent way too much money on Pokemon cards. It turns out those cards were fake and Paul got scammed.

I have no sympathy for rich people that blow their money on dumb things. Never have, never will. That’s exactly how I feel about NFTs. Even when I become rich, I can guarantee I will NEVER spend stupid money on something like NFTs. NEVER. I worked too hard to blow millions on a picture. There’s an appreciation for things I have that I could never just blow money on an NFT. No chance.

Credit to the poor folk. Let’s be honest; these stupid creations were created for one reason and one reason only. Scam the rich. The distribution of wealth in this country is already out of control. Teachers are underpaid. So are a lot of professions. I’m not going to sit here and bang on the person who created these dumb pieces of art. They’re scamming the rich and making too much money on them. Credit to you guys who are selling them for profit.

I just want no part of this game. None. I hope people get rich selling these pieces of garbage. I just want it on record now. When I’m rich, don’t bother me. I’m not buying your NFT. I don’t understand them. I have no desire to learn. I don’t want to have any conversation about them unless you’re selling one on my behalf where I’m making money and don’t have to do any work.