Are you soft if you let hangovers affect you? The answer is yes. New rule alert! No more crying about hangovers. It’s soft and pathetic.

Are You Soft If You Let Hangovers Affect You?

There is a lot of crying going on and I’m sick of it. Look, I’m all for a good complaint here and there… but not when it comes to something like this. I saw this blog the other day and I almost punched my computer in frustration with the human race. If you let hangovers affect you, you are about as Charmin Ultra soft as it gets.

Not going to lie, I think I’d be embarrassed to even write a blog saying that a hangover got the best of me. If that ever happens, take me outside and put one in the back of my head. I’m surprised no one else is having that reaction.

Hangovers are just one of those things. If you tell yourself you don’t have one, you won’t get one. I have not gotten COVID yet. Not once and I guarantee I won’t get it. I take care of myself and if I so sense something is wrong with me, I put my brain to the test and clear that nonsense right out.

Everyone has their limits. I can drink five days in a row without getting a hangover. When I say five days in a row, I’m talking all day events. We’re starting before noon and I’m still not getting a hangover. After about the fifth day, I know it’s probably time to chill out and put drinking on the back burner.

Some people are built different. Others are built like the runny stuff that comes out a dog’s ass. If you’re soft and let hangovers affect you, either don’t cry about it or don’t drink. If you’re going to cry about feeling sick from drinking, don’t drink.

Listen I have fears in life. I’m not a rollercoaster guy. I do on occasion go on rollercoasters if I have to. I’m not crying about it. You power through and do what you gotta do.

I’m not out there going on rollercoasters, on my own volition, so that I can then cry about how they don’t do it for me. That’s what you sound like if you’re drinking and crying about hangovers. Nobody is forcing you to drink. You’re just drinking so that you have something to cry about. Sad, pathetic, embarrassing.

New rule alert. You pick up a drink of any kind, no crying about a hangover. Figure it out. Find your own remedy. I don’t need one cause I’m not built like toilet paper. We have a lot of problems in this world. We don’t have time to hear you cry about drinking too much and feeling terrible the next day. Keep it moving and light yourself on fire.