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2019 Fantasy Football

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Don’t Eat The Cheese: 2019 Fantasy Football Tight End Busts

2019 Fantasy Football
The 2019 fantasy football, Don’t Eat the Cheese wraps up with tight end busts. This is the face of a man who will keep breaking your heart. (Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports)

It’s the final portion of the Don’t Eat the Cheese series. 2019 Fantasy Football leagues are underway for a lot of people. As always, avoiding the busts may just be more important than picking the right player. When it comes to tight ends, it’s a weird position. I’m always an advocate of getting one of the elite options. You’re not going to go wrong with George Kittle, Travis Kelce, or Zach Ertz. After that, the position can become a bit of a guessing game. Don’t Eat The Cheese on another bust! Let’s check out who you should avoid at the tight end position for 2019 fantasy football leagues!

*For the record, I’m not using any verbiage for snake drafts. If you’re a loser that still does snake drafts instead of auction style, take a hard long look in the mirror and realize how big of a loser you are. If you would rather play checkers rather than chess, by all means. Just don’t talk to me.

*The same applies for PPR Drafts. Who’s the idiot that came up with that rule anyway? I forgot to add this part for my other posts. The last time I checked, you don’t get points in a game for catching a pass. IN FACT, a lot of the times, a player catches a screen and the play can go nowhere. Coaches don’t chalk that up as a win. Neither should you. Stop being a loser. If you are a PPR fan, just go away. I don’t want your view.

4: Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota Vikings)

Don’t pick Kyle Rudolph. You have to be one of the dumbest people on the planet if you do. Rudolph is in a full blown timeshare with Irv Smith. That’s only because Irv is a rookie. After this year, it’s Irv’s job. Perfect example is down in Tampa Bay. Don’t be the loser that picks Cameron Brate. If OJ Howard is on the field, Brate isn’t a valuable fantasy option. Neither is Rudolph. Rudolph had 634 yards and 4 touchdowns in 2018. That couldn’t tingle my balls less. That was as a full time starter. No thanks.

3: Delanie Walker (Tennessee Titans)

Delanie Walker spent 99 percent of the 2018 season IR. Now Walker comes back off an injury at the rotten age of 35. His quarterback is Marcus Mariota. There’s also a strong chance that Jonnu Smith already locked up the starting job. There’s nothing to like here. Pull the plug on this one.

2: Jared Cook (New Orleans Saints)

I know, I know, Jared Cook had a big 2018 season. He was also the only weapon that got targets on the Raiders. It also came out of nowhere. Last year Cook caught 6 touchdowns. The previous 4 years, he caught 6. Cook has largely been a joke in the NFL. I’m not buying it. I’m chalking 2018 up to a fluke. Drew Brees has a chance to make me look bad but Michael Thomas eats up 90 percent of the targets anyway.

1: Jordan Reed (Washington Redskins)

Jordan Reed will top my list until he retires. This man never gets on the field. EVER. In 6 years as a pro, Reed has never played a full 16 game slate. He’s also due to leave the game on 4 occasions where he has 2 catches for 19 yards and leaves that taste in your mouth after a rough night drinking. Just don’t do it. If you haven’t learned your lesson on Jordan Reed yet, that’s a you problem. Stop having sex with that hooker on the corner. You already know it’s not worth paying for.


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