Fantasy Football
Jordan Reed never plays so it’s pretty simple. Don’t pick him in your fantasy football draft. (Mark Tenally/Associated Press)

Getting a productive tight end in fantasy is so important, yet people seem to settle for the run of the mill guy who racks up a nice 3 points per week. Have standards people! One of the biggest secrets to fantasy football is getting your hands on one of the 5 or so tight ends gives you such an advantage over your competition. Do whatever it takes, you won’t regret it. However, spending big on a tight end and picking a terrible one can be devastating to your team. Don’t eat the cheese and pick a lousy tight end. What fantasy football tight end should you avoid in 2018 to help win your league?

Delanie Walker

Delanie Walker is getting drafted like a top 5 tight end but are we sure he will still be a top 5 tight end in 2018? Walker, 34, will start to decline any moment now. Walker has always had really good speed and ran a sub 4.5 back in the day. This is more of an age thing you just might want to avoid. Could Walker put up another 800-yard season? Sure, but you might not want to pay a premium pick on an aging tight end. Plus his quarterback is Marcus Mariota. The Titans quarterback threw 13 touchdowns all last year so let’s stop pretending that Mariota is good because he’s not.

Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen was basically hurt all year with a foot injury. Olsen, 33, is getting drafted higher than Delanie Walker but he is also aging quickly. Again, this is more of an age thing. Do you really want to draft Olsen after he barely played all last year? Another problem with drafting Olsen is that his quarterback is Cam Newton. Down in the red zone, Newton loves to run the football in himself. That reduces the number of chances that Olsen gets his touchdowns. The last time Olsen played a full year in 2016, he only caught 3 touchdowns.

Don’t Eat The Cheese: 2018 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Busts

Jordan Reed

Jordan Reed never plays. In 5 NFL seasons, Reed has NEVER played a full 16 game season. Tell me again why I want that? At any moment, Reed could go down. In fantasy, that’s fine if that happens in week 3. It’s another thing if Reed is questionable late in the fantasy playoff season where you have to pick a starter and then he plays two drives and misses the rest of the game, then you’re done. Reed is good when he plays but he can’t be counted on so I can’t see how anyone can draft him.