Donovan Mitchell
Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Donovan “Spida” Mitchell is finally someone that Utah Jazz can root for as home-grown talent. After looking at the Jazz’s draft selections over the past few years, yikes. The last player that I would say that is great that they drafted was Gordon Hayward, in 2010. 9 years ago was the last time the Jazz were probably excited about a player they drafted. The Jazz has always managed by bringing in good Free Agents and getting to the playoffs that way. The Jazz drafted Donovan Mitchell in 2017 with a trade with the Nuggets. After his rookie season, you knew that he was a special player.

Donovan Mitchell’s Stats

Donovan Mitchell is now going into his 3rd season with the Jazz. His rookie season (WHERE HE SHOULD HAVE WON ROY BEN SIMMONS), He had a great rookie statline of 20.5 PPG on 43.7% shooting, 3.7 APG and 3.7 RPG. Ben Simmons scored less but had more rebounds and assists than Mitchell. Most of the Rookie of the Year debate was if Simmons should be counted as a rookie, (he shouldn’t). But anyway, the next year, rookies numbers are usually supposed to drop a little, something called the “Sophmore Slump”. But despite facing criticism for I don’t know what, Mitchell improved in most statistical categories. He had 23.8 PPG on 43.2% shooting, 4.2 APG, and 4.1 RPG. As I said, Mitchell faced criticism last year despite being better than he was the year before, I’ll never quite understand that but to each their own. Mitchell is already off to a hot start this year after his statline against the Thunder. Mitchell had 32 points, 3 assists, and 12 rebounds.

After Gordon Hayward left a couple of years ago to the Boston Celtics, Donovan Mitchell is the first player in a while to be a home-grown talent for the Jazz. He is a stud in the making and will be the centerpiece for the Jazz for years to come. Expect me to buy their throwback jerseys, one of the best jerseys of all time, when they put Mitchell’s name on the back. Donovan Mitchell, the SPIDA, remember the name, he’s going to be a star.