Dogecoin To The Moon
(SHIBA MINT – shibamint)

Dogecoin will take us to the moon! Earlier in the week Dogecoin’s stock rose 800% behind a Twitter trend that was started following the Robinhood debacle. However, after some more restrictions by Robinhood, Dogecoin’s price fell over the weekend. Well my friends it seems the timeline has awoken and Dogecoin is going back to the moon.

Jump On The Rocket Ship!

I have fully been behind the movement of the cryptocurrency.

The suits and Wall Street thought they could win so easily. They restricted GameStop and AMC in an effort to stomp out the revolution. However, they made the most fatal of flaws. The big hedge funds forgot to look out for the cryptocurrency backed by memes. It’s amazing and we will not stop until Dogecoin reaches $1 a share.

Dogecoin To The Moon!

Twitter woke up today and started the second wave of the Dogecoin attack. #DogecoinArmy is trending on Twitter and I couldn’t have been happier to see the trend. I love this crypto for many reasons. First, the mascot is a Shiba Inu, and who doesn’t love the adorable dog? Second, this is how we win. When I say we I mean the common folk the everyday working-class citizen that’s been kept out of the stock market for generations. The time to take back what is rightfully ours is now!

The best part about Dogecoin is that even after Robinhood’s bullshit restrictions it’s still going up. Robinhood saw Dogecoin flying and wouldn’t allow you to buy it until your money went through the entire deposit process, which takes five business days. Not only is that straight crap, but they have yet again decided to back the suits. You would think after Thursday they would’ve learned their lesson. However, if that’s the game they wish to play they will lose. Dogecoin holders will not sell until we see the stock at $1 dollar.

I ripped Robinhood and the suits to pieces on Thursday night in my Emergency Press Conference. However, the movement will not stop because of restrictions by Robinhood. Dogecoin will take us all to the damn moon. To all of my fellow Dogecoin holders get ready for war! The timeline has awoken and the hounds are barking.