Kylian Mbappe'
Does Kylian Mbappe’ need a new challenge or is he just better of continuing to dominate with PSG forever? It’s his ball and he can do whatever he wants with it. (Jean Catuffe/Getty Images)

After Timo Werner just landed with Chelsea, it got me thinking. What about Kylian Mbappe’? The Premier League is the most stacked league top to bottom in the world. Even a German born Werner is heading to England for a new challenge. Is Kylian Mbappe next?

Even at the ripe age of 21, Mbappe’ has already done so much. He helped lead AS Monaco to a Ligue 1 title as a teenager. PSG eventually bought him for €180 million. Mbappe’ has done nothing since torch with PSG. All they do is win and all he does is score. He’s already the 7th highest goal scorer in club history. Oh, and he’s a World Cup Champion with France.

Nobody in the French league will ever challenge PSG. Not to mention they already have Neymar and Mauro Icardi also on the team. Mbappe’ basically snoozes through the entire season. There’s nothing to accomplish in the French League. The only thing there is to accomplish is trying to win The Champions League.

With the virus, who the hell knows what’s going on with that. More importantly, all leagues have been brought back. Even the MLS has been scheduled to return. One league won’t be returning this year. That’s the French League. Why should they? It’s just PSG running train on everyone.

Nobody will blame Mbappe if he sticks around PSG for a long time in his home country. Trying to carve out a legacy in the Premier League could be a logical next step. I won’t speculate which team that might be. The ball is in Mbappe’s court. That man can do whatever he wants. There isn’t a more valuable soccer player on the face of the earth and he’s not nearly done growing.