Here are 10 essential tips in order to get better at FIFA.

I just finished my FIFA 20 series. Before I get started, feel free to check that out for reference. I can only speak from personal experience. I probably don’t do as much as I should. I’m going to break down the essentials for how to to get good at FIFA. Let’s jump right into it.

1: Prioritize Speed

This one is more for building a team in career mode. If you’re just playing a buddy on exhibition, figure out which team has the best burners. You don’t have to be very skilled at FIFA if your team can run. Getting players with speed gives you a big advantage, especially early in games. If your team can outrun the opponent, you’re going to create easy chances to score. Secondary skillsets to look for include stamina, finishing, shot power, and height. Nobody likes getting killed on headers. Turn it into your own advantage if you can.

2: Master The Counter Attack

The best chance you have to score is immediately off a turnover. When you are able to take the ball away, don’t waste any time. Get up ahead and try to score right away. Get on the break and go with it. The more crowded the box becomes, the harder life becomes. It also opens you up for the counter attack. When you have a break, do your best to attack right away.

3: Play The Passing Lanes

When you’re on defense, focus less on stripping the ball and more on playing the passing lanes. If you’re playing someone that’s actually good at FIFA, you won’t have much success taking the ball away if you constantly attack the ball handler. Play the passing lanes. Figure out where your opponent is looking to pass. You will be amazed how often you’re able to create possessions you otherwise wouldn’t. This includes slide tackles. You will be amazed how many balls you can come up with slide tackling into space you anticipate a pass coming. Use them sparingly when actually attacking a ball handler.

4: Value Possession

There is nothing more frustrating than being on defense for a long time. Don’t be so eager to give the ball away. I know it can be frustrating and you get forced into making a dumb turnover. You don’t have to be a hero and chuck up prayer shots. Keep the ball and value possession. It will start to frustrate your opponent as well.

5: More passing, fewer dribble moves

There’s a reason why James Harden doesn’t win rings. He doesn’t like to pass. Going 1 on 11 only gets you so far. Don’t be a hero, be smart. Use dribble moves to a minimum. If the pass is there, use the pass. Dribble moves should be used as a surprise tactic when no one is expecting it. If you’re pulling out multiple moves on every possession, you’re bound to lose the ball before you reach a place where you can actually get a good shot off. Pass the ball.

6: Be Patient

You don’t always have to hit the turbo button. Sometimes it’s better to be patient. You don’t have to be a million miles an hour all the time. Work your angles and create the right shot. Don’t just fire shit at the net and hope something goes it. Create a great shot, not just an okay shot. Sometimes messing with pace can create a penalty or card anyway.

7: Look For The Extra Pass

This is a mistake I make a lot. There are good shots and then there are guaranteed goals. A lot of the times in the box, there’s usually an extra pass you can make to secure the goal. Watch the defenders. Does someone leave their assignment to chase the guy with the ball? Look for the extra pass. If you get good at it, the same game you lost 3-1 becomes a 3-1 win.

8: Look For Angles

This one refers to shots and passes. You should always be moving your player to make the correct pass. The difference in moving your player in the right direction to create an angle is often the difference between a good pass and a turnover. Same goes for shots. Create good angles on shots. Try a finesse shot from the Right side of the field to score on the left side of the net. Just as an example. The worst is just firing shit straight at the goalie.

9: Time Your Runs

Pay attention to the way players go forward. Don’t just fire crosses into the box and hope your guy can win the 50-50 ball. Look for him to run towards the net to burst past the defender. On through balls, watch to see when the striker gets a head start on defender. Nobody likes getting called for offsides.

10: Learn The Transfer System

In career mode, you can build a dynasty if you know how to work the transfer system. I think I did a pretty good job building a monster team. Buy young players that grow into killers. Win the negotiation. Nickel and dime your way to success.