DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson makes the #FlyEaglesFly offense dangerous again. He’s a perfect fit for their offense (Bob Stanton/USA TODAY Sports)

My favorite move of the 2019 NFL offseason so far was the return of DeSean Jackson to Philadelphia. It just feels right. The Eagles parted with a 6th and 7th round draft pick to get D-Jax back in Philly. The Eagles also were able to restructure his contract which will give Jackson a 3-year, $27 million contract. I hate using the one player away term but the Eagles may have just gotten him.

The Eagles have built their receiver core in the perfect way. They have a contested catch receiver in Alshon Jeffery who’s really good. They have two mismatch tight ends that can win in the middle of the field. Zach Ertz is awesome and Dallas Goedert is a very underrated blocker. They have a limited slot guy in Nelson Agholor who can be effective in that role. Philly just needed a deep ball guy. Enter DeSean Jackson who fits that description perfectly.

Remember, when the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017, they had Torrey Smith to play that spot. While Smith wasn’t great, he made that one big play per game to stretch the field. Last year, Mike Wallace came in and stank. DeSean Jackson is better than both of those guys. Philly needs him to play 25 snaps a game and catch about 5 home run balls a year to make a difference. Now we’re cooking with peanut oil.

Even in the latter stages of his career, Jackson still averaged 18.9 yards per catch in 2018. His career mark is 17.4 yards per catch. That’s an insane number. Jackson has familiarity with the Pederson system. This should be a seamless transition. Get ready for Carson Wentz to set the league on fire again. I bet you he’s tired of hearing how Nick Foles is better than him and it couldn’t be further from the truth.