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Deer Forecast Northeast PA 10.20.23

Deer Forecast

(John Hafner Photography)

Deer Forecast
(John Hafner Photography)

10/20/23 Northeast PA Weekend Deer Forecast

 It’s looking like the weatherman wasn’t lying last week when they forecast a horrible weekend. Rain is predicted for most of the day Friday into Saturday. The latest forecast is predicting for the rain to end around 9 or 10 am Saturday, but winds will increase up to 15 mph by the afternoon. In my opinion, the best time to be in the woods on Saturday may be just as the rain stops around 10 or 11 am. We will also be in the midst of an incredibly low-pressure situation, not ideal for deer hunting.

Last week I predicted that this would be the time where we see a number of small bucks starting to search for does. 

“Mid October usually resembles a teen driver who finally got his high school sweetheart to go parking with him. What I mean by that is, this is usually the week where you see young buck chasing and harassing doe with no direction or gameplan. The smarter fellas will normally lay back in the weeds until they get an indication of a doe being ready to go, hopefully in a week or two.”

Deer Forecast in Northeast Pennsylvania: Week of Oct. 16

     I didn’t have the best sits this week. I only got two sits in and they were in the afternoon. In both cases, I saw deer coming my way nice and early, a little after 5 pm. I’ve had a major itch to harvest my first deer this year. So, I stood up in my stand, and even though I thought it was a doe coming, I involuntarily started to do the ole’ stanky leg shake due to my excitement. I was dejected however, when I saw that both animals had a lovely set of spikes on them. Check out this article on spike buck, it’s an interesting read. Seeing two spike buck instead of a big ol’ nanny doe, felt kind of like when you think you’re gonna wind up in tuna town at bed time and it just so happens that one of the kids is in your bed because they don’t feel well.  

     Two sits, two deer, two spike buck searching early in the evening for doe. I didn’t see a doe and I didn’t see a good buck. Could it be possible that the deer are conserving energy in anticipation of the chaos to follow. As I looked back at my data from previous years, I noticed that the third week of October had its share of success, but also its share of low deer sightings. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this past week had good forecast numbers, but I didn’t see a whole lot of production. While the weather for this weekend is far from ideal, I think we can all agree that we would much rather see some great weather come to us in the next two weeks. Beginning on Monday, our pressure should take a turn for the better and my early deer forecast for Monday is a 3.3 for the morning and a 3.5 for the afternoon. Next Saturday is a full moon and many people believe that the rut will be in full gear by then. The best is yet to come, hang in there everyone!


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