Tom Brady
Tom Brady is the most marketable player in the NFL. The man doesn’t know how to lose. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Tom Brady wins again. No, not ANOTHER Super Bowl. This time he’s winning off the field. Marrying Gisele? No, not that either. Recently a poll came out about which player in the NFL is the most marketable. To no surprise, Tom Brady wins again. Brady edged out Patrick Mahomes as the most marketable athlete in the NFL.

VIA Sports Business Daily:

“Patriots QB Tom Brady narrowly beat out Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes for the title of most marketable player in the NFL, while the resurgent Browns had two players crack the top five, according to a survey of sports business execs, marketing analysts and media members conducted by THE DAILY. Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. and QB Baker Mayfield rank third and fourth, respectively, with Giants RB Saquon Barkley rounding out the top five. Brady and Mahomes were comfortably in a league of their own, with no other player coming within 35 points of their final scores.”

I’m surprised how close the gap was between Brady and Mahomes. Once again, Brady continues to do the impossible at the age of 42. Last season, Brady led all players sales in licensed products. Brady also does work on social media to keep him in the news. He has Instagram, Twitter, and the Facebook watch series ‘Tom vs. Time”. Brady finds a way to stay relevant and has numerous brands backing him including major luxury brands such as Aston Martin and Tag Heuer. The man just doesn’t know how to lose.

Tom Brady found a way to outlast Peyton Manning and Peyton Manning’s successor, Andrew Luck. It’s insane. Brady will suit up for his 20 NFL Season in 2019 while posting a career record of 207-60. When you win as much as he does, it’s hard not to be marketable.