David Price
David Price wants the Red Sox to keep Nathan Eovaldi (Matt Stone/ Boston Herald)

David Price loves Fortnite. Almost as much as he loved winning the World Series. Price overcame his postseason demons in 2018 and now is loving life. Price is spending the offseason playing Fornite in his spare time. On his twitch stream under the username slimdunkin1424, he has made it no secret that he is demanding one thing to happen this offseason.

“Eovaldi better be re-signing, Price said while playing Fornite”

You can view the other clips by clicking the link above. He was rag dolling Eovaldi by saying he doesn’t throw hard, claiming that he eats pizza with a fork and knife, and hotdogs without buns. If there is one thing that is clear, Price has affection for Eovaldi and really wants him to stay with the Red Sox. He even rode the duck boats with Eovaldi during the championship parade in Boston.

“Nate eats a hot dog without a bun,” Price said. “That might be true because he’s a Whole Foods-eating, Kale-salad eating–. He does have a soft spot for sweets. I do give him that.”

The Red Sox face fierce competition to keep Eovaldi. The Astros are expected to be one of the bidders in his free agency sweepstakes. Eovaldi is from Houston so he could be lured away. The Phillies also apparently have ‘stupid money’ to play with so maybe they are the ones to overpay. I’m sure Dave Dombrowski will do everything in his power to keep Eovaldi after his postseason heroics.

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Eovaldi went 2-1 with a 1.61 ERA in the postseason. Over 22.1 innings, he also notched a 0.81 WHIP and 16 strikeouts. I’m not sure the Red Sox win the World Series without him and was well worth the cost of acquisition dealing away prospect Jalen Beeks at the deadline.