Jrue Holiday
David Griffin claims the Pelicans are Jrue Holiday’s team. Not Zion Williamson’s. Okay then… (Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The New Orleans Pelicans made Zion Williamson the face of their franchise after they picked him number one overall in the 2019 NBA Draft. The Pelicans are Zion’s team, right? Not according to general manager, David Griffin. What? Yup! According to Griff, the Pelicans are Jrue Holiday’s team. Jrue Holiday is the unquestioned leader.

“This is Jrue Holiday‘s team,” Griffin said via Malika Andrews of ESPN. “Zion is going to be learning how to win at a really high level. At some point, if there is a time that the baton gets passed in terms of who is expected to carry us to win games, it will. That is not now.”

Griffin continued: “Let Zion be that kid. Don’t write this like he is here to save this franchise. He is not. He is here to join this family.”

This is all fine and dandy but, C’Mon man. Everybody knows this is Zion’s team. Maybe not the first ten or so games of the year. Sure, that’s fine if you want to say that. Zion is the dude. Let’s also be honest about something. If the right trade came across, you’re telling me the Pelicans wouldn’t at least consider moving Jrue? Who‘s team is it then? LaVar Ball?

I get what he is trying to say. Jrue Holiday is the longest tenured player on the team. Zion is 18. However, Zion is the franchise. Without him, this franchise could just get blown up as far as many people are concerned. Without Zion, maybe the Pelicans get moved. Not now.

For the record, why not trade Jrue Holiday if the right deal comes? It’s something the Pelicans should consider. Regardless, the youth movement in New Orleans is on with Zion, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Jaxson Hayes. The Pelicans will be fun to watch next year.