New Orleans Pelicans
If the New Orleans Pelicans trade Anthony Davis, why should the franchise even exist? (Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

The big story in the NBA revolves around Anthony Davis. Where will the Pelicans trade him? What will they target in a potential trade? Will New Orleans do the right thing and chuck the Lakers the finger? All of those are questions but maybe we’re not asking the right one. Why do the New Orleans Pelicans even exist? If they are about to lose Anthony Davis, what’s the point in even having a franchise?

The NBA would be better off canceling about 4-6 franchises rather than add more. Elite players have made it clear they have no interest playing in small market franchises. No franchise is in deeper shit than New Orleans, however. The Pelicans rank 25th in the NBA in attendance. This is the same franchises that was owned by the league because nobody wanted them. The Saints ownership group felt bad for the NBA and bought it. But guess what? Tom Benson died. Gayle Benson now controls both franchises. I’m not even sure the Pelicans have a real general manager. It feels like whatever the Saints tell them to do, is what gets done.

The Pelicans don’t feel like a real franchise to begin with. The NBA had to rig the lottery for the team to land Anthony Davis in the first place. New Orleans then rattled off a series of moves that made the rest of their roster stink. They traded two lottery picks for Jrue Holiday. Austin Rivers didn’t work out.

They lit cap space on fire and gave away Robin Lopez for Omer Asik. The same can be said for Alexis Ajinca for the sole reason that Anthony Davis was too big of a pus to play center. The trade for Demarcus Cousins turned into a disaster with Buddy Hield flourishing in Sacramento. Put it all together and you have the shit storm that is New Orleans. The Pelicans have won just one playoff series with Anthony Davis.

What happens when they trade him? Nobody goes to the games while he’s on the team. When they screw up the trade, then NO ONE will remotely care about this team. What’s the point in having the franchise? I can’t think of a logical reason.