Daubert's NFL Draft Mailbag
We have another edition of Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag. Questions about Mac Jones, Kyle Pitts, the Bengals, and Lions were featured this week! (Amanda Aylmer/ Vendetta Sports Media Image)

Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag: Mac Jones Hype Train?

Welcome to another edition of Daubert’s 2021 NFL Draft Mailbag. The participation on these has been great so it’s fun to type these out every week. We have four questions this week so I won’t waste any time.

I don’t have an answer for you Jackson Law. Mitch Trubisky got taken second. Narratives take off in the draft that often times never really make sense. It boils down to people not having brains and just agreeing for the sake of agreeing. It’s sad, pathetic, and embarrassing.

People are caught up by narratives. Mac Jones won the national title so his stock was always going to rise. He had a great year, no doubt about it. I compared his rise to what Joe Burrow had the year prior. Nevertheless, I still have Mac Jones as the 5th quarterback on my list. I think the guy can play but he’s still very much a coin flip to become a franchise guy, in my opinion.

What’s more so confusing is the hate around Justin Fields. It’s almost like people got bored with him and would rather go with the hot new thing? I don’t get it. I think Fields is a baller.

To answer your question, nothing really changed. Teams funnel fake narratives to the media and then they change their rankings. Trey actually watches the games and ranks his players based on his own eyes. That’s the truth.


Is Kyle Pitts a lock at 8? I think there’s a better way to answer that. If Pitts is on the board at 8, Carolina does back-flips. I think that’s his floor. I can’t see him going lower than 8. Atlanta could take him at 4 but probably should either take a quarterback or trade out to a team looking for one. Cincinnati could take him at 5. Ditto for Miami. Ditto for Detroit.

Personally, I think Kyle Pitts is the best overall player in the draft so if he’s available, that’s the pick. I get the argument for offensive line help. Especially after Joe Burrow just got hurt for the year. My thing is, do they really need a tackle? Jonah Williams was a first round pick and they just signed Riley Reiff. Why not beef up the guard and center unit during the other rounds while snagging a guy like Pitts?

There’s plenty of options in the second and third round. Dillon Radunz, Trey Smith, Creed Humphrey, Landon Dickerson, Jack Mayfield, Wyatt Davis, etc.

Move the team out of Detroit? Get a new owner? None of those are possible? Damnit!

If I’m Detroit, I probably trade out. This team is not close. They’re going to be so bad with Jared Goff. This team can’t be rebuilt in less than three years. Move down and collect as many picks as you can. The more shocking part of this is that someone actually asked a question about the Lions. That pretty much sums up this franchise.

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