2020 NFL Draft
No questions again this week but here is mailbag 6.0 for the 2020 NFL Draft. Two rants this week since no questions.

No questions again this week but we continue the 2020 NFL Draft mailbag series. It’s been tough to create content with Corona going on but the 2020 NFL Draft is something to look forward to. So with no questions this week, I’ll ramble long enough to make it interesting.

The featured image is something I’ve already talked about. Henry Ruggs III is a tough one to judge. You can read more about that here. Still, just writing off Ruggs as a sure fire first round prospect seems silly. He could easily go down the path as John Ross or maybe 10 percent better. The Draft is a slippery slope and to act like Ruggs is can’t miss seems crazy.

For this mailbag, I’m going to focus on how free agency may have impacted the draft. Obviously, nothing is set in stone but certain moves during free agency probably impacted the draft.

Arizona trading for DeAndre Hopkins gives them a pathway to take a tackle in the first round. The Cardinals re-signed DJ Humphries on the right side. Offensive line is the big need on this football team. Kyler Murray deserves a left tackle. The addition of Hopkins makes that need more clear. Then again, maybe the Cardinals say screw it and pair Hopkins with CeeDee Lamb.

The Colts traded their first round pick for DeForest Buckner. This says something in my mind. They either don’t think Jordan Love is good or aren’t willing to pick him 13th. Philip Rivers is a fine placeholder. Jacoby Brissett isn’t the long term answer. Colts may want to go with a developmental quarterback and are passing on Jordan Love.

The Jaguars are doing their best to land Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields next year.

Make sure to comment and send us what free agency moves you think impacted the draft!