Danny Ainge Brad Stevens
Danny Ainge is stepping down and Brad Stevens is getting a semi promotion. What the hell is going on with the Boston Celtics? (Christopher Evans/Boston Herald)

Danny Ainge Steps Down, Brad Stevens Becomes President Of Basketball Ops

What the hell did I wake up to? Danny Ainge is no longer the President of Basketball Operations for the Boston Celtics. Brad Stevens is no longer the head coach. Stevens is now running the front office? Is this good? Is this bad? After a shit show of a season in Boston, the Celtics are making massive changes.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN was the first to report the news on Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens swapping roles. This was really a year from hell, huh. The loss to the Nets in the playoffs was the nail in the coffin for change.

For Ainge, this sort of makes sense. For starters, it’s unclear if he plans on remaining with the organization. It sort of feels like an Ozzie Newsome move with the Ravens. Starting to get up their in age and would rather take a consulting role. Don’t forget. Ainge is 62 and has suffered a number of health scares. I can’t say for certain but that could easily be part of the thought process.

Woj continued his report on Twitter by saying Stevens had been worn out by coaching in the bubble. It was time for a new challenge. Who knows how active Stevens has been in front office decisions in the past. What we do know is that he’s a really smart guy so he’s going to figure it out. Turns out Stevens would rather have the front office role than go back to coaching college basketball. Can’t blame him.

Who’s going to be the next head coach of the Boston Celtics? That part remains to be seen. Stevens is going to be leading that search. Time will tell who they hire.