It’s no secret that the Boston Celtics this season are not living up to expectations. Key injuries have hampered this team so far, but they have more than enough talent to make up for it. So who is to blame for their 15-16 record so far? Is it Brad Stevens? Should we place most of the blame on the roster? The answer is no. The blame falls on GM Danny Ainge. Danny Ainge has had the players and the draft capital to make a move to push this Celtics team over the hump, and he has not. The cat is out of the bag: Danny Ainge is the most overrated GM in the NBA.

Lack Of Faith In His Team

Let’s start with his lack of confidence he has in his team. He came out recently and said to the press he doesn’t think HIS Celtics team is a championship contender this year. I’m sorry, what? This team has all the talent in the world. A team you constructed. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker (who we will dive into shortly), and a host of very good complementary pieces. Yes, this team has been bitten by the injury bug this year, but if you want your team to succeed, you have to be the rallying point for your squad. Would you want to play for a team when your GM thinks you are not good enough to compete? I don’t think so.

The Kemba Walker Disaster

Let’s dive into the topic of Kemba Walker next. My god is he not playing well this year. Many thought he would be a leading player for this team and help them get over the hump to get to a finals berth, but he is a third option on this team. It was rumored that Ainge tried to move Walker before the season started but to no avail. You know that he is damaged goods, taking up a massive salary number. Move him off your roster, find a way to shed that cap hit, and get some players or more picks back. Find a way to move Kemba Walker ASAP, and watch this team play better.

For The Love of God Danny, Make a Move

Can we talk about the fact that “Trader Danny’ has not made a significant trade since 2017 when he went all in and moved for Kyrie Irving? This Celtics organization had plenty of young talent at their disposal to move (Walker, Smart, Pritchard, Williams) and picks (three 1st round picks the last two drafts) and have failed to do really anything with them. The bounty of superstars that have been available to you via trade that you have whiffed on. Don’t act like Paul George wouldn’t look good playing in the Garden. Ainge’s inability to pull the trigger or be active on the trade market has significantly hurt this teams development into being serious title contenders.

I am tired of people praising Danny Ainge for his ability as a GM. This isn’t 2010 anymore. Let’s stop acting like Ainge is elite, or even a top 5 GM. The truth of the matter is that Danny Ainge is the most overrated GM in the NBA, and you can’t convince me otherwise.