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Daniel Jones

(N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg)

Daniel Jones Stinks, But Jason Garrett Deserves Criticism Too

Daniel Jones
(N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg)

Jones Is Not Good, Garrett Doesn’t Help

We’re in year 3 of the Daniel Jones experiment for the New York Giants. He’s had flashes of brilliance and made some great throws in his career. Still, one appalling statistic outweighs any good ones: 40 turnovers in 28 career games. He’s fumbled the ball in all but five games. The Daniel Jones project has little to show for it so far regarding Giants’ success.

A lot of the blame can certainly be put on Jones. He has yet to overcome the turnover problem that’s followed him since college. However, the blame cannot be pinned on Jones alone. Offensive Coordinator Jason Garett deserves his criticism as well. Garrett’s conservative play-calling consisting of constant draw plays and five-yard stick routes aren’t helping Jones progress as a quarterback at all. This past Sunday, the Giants found themselves deep within the Broncos’ Red Zone. After failing to score on the first three plays from inside the 10, the Giants were faced with a crucial 4th and goal. The play call? Four five-yard stick routes. Shockingly, the Giants didn’t score.

Have Daniel Jones and the Giants’ Offense Taken a Step Back?

While it’s too early in the season to say the Giants offense is toast, anyone who watched Sunday recognized the same, stagnant, one-dimensional offense from last year. Last year, the Giants had the second-worst offense in the entire league, scoring an abysmal 27 total touchdowns. For reference, the Los Angeles Chargers we’re 16th with 45 total touchdowns. The Giants weren’t even close to having a competitive, let alone respectable offense.

When you sign players like Kenny Golladay, and your featured back in Saquon Barkley is healthy again, it’s hard to imagine how a team could possibly take a step back offensively. Garrett has been the shot-caller for 18 total games since he became the Giants’ offensive coordinator. In 10 of those games, they’ve scored under 20 points. Daniel Jones may not be good, but Jason Garret isn’t any better, both can be true.

After falling down two scores Sunday, the Giants had the opportunity to gain some momentum back. The Giants had a well-put-together drive and were moving downfield on the Broncos’ defense. After the line broke down, Jones decided to run. After gaining around ten yards, Jones fumbled the ball after being hit by Defensive Back Alexander Johnson. Instantly dissolving any momentum the Giants may have had at that point in time. Jones commented on that specific play following the game in an interview with Nj.Com:

“I think each situation is separate from the other and I’ve got to learn from each one of them and correct them,” Jones said on Tuesday. “That’s the way I’m looking at it and I’ve certainly studied this one (a fumble against the Broncos) from Sunday and trying to work on it.”

Jones said in an interview with Nj.Com following the Giants’ loss Sunday.

Who Else is To Blame for Giants Current State?

When you have an organization that’s in such a state of disarray like the Giants, there’s more to blame than just two players. I think Owner John Mara has gotten off scot-free these past few years when a lot of the Giants’ problems can be pinned on him as well. In 2019, he fired then offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur for Jason Garrett. The firing of Shurmur was justified, but you replace him with Jason Garrett? If they had fired Garrett this year, then Daniel Jones would be with his third offensive coordinator in as many years. That would’ve put Jones in an even more difficult situation having to learn three offenses in three years.

John Mara wants to be right about the current state of the Giants so bad. He knows both him and General Manager Dave Gettleman messed up taking Daniel Jones at #6 when he would have probably been available at pick #17. The way I see it, Mara is willing to wait as long as it takes to see any potential benefits from the moves he’s made in the last few years. From hiring Dave Gettleman to hiring Jason Garrett. There’s one glaringly obvious issue with that: the time probably won’t ever come.

It’s still too early to give up on the Giants for the season. However, Daniel Jones has so far shown he still hasn’t made that leap yet as an NFL Quarterback. Jason Garrett has also failed to get the most out of Daniel as well. He certainly doesn’t compare to any of the elite quarterbacks of the NFL, but you’re telling me all you can use him for is short passes, and draw plays on 3rd and 8? If both Jones and Garrett don’t improve along the season, then both their times in New York could, and should come to a close.


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