Damien Williams
Damien Williams has already secured the starting running back job in Kansas City (Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Often times in training camp, NFL teams like to have open competition for starting jobs. It doesn’t matter who the player is or what the jersey color, every player has to earn their job. Well, not in Kansas City. After Kareem Hunt got released for his despicable domestic violence incident, Damien Williams snatched up the running back starting nod in 2018. Apparently, he was so good, Kansas City has already named him the starter in 2019.

Damien Williams is our starter. We expect him to excel in that role,” Bienemy said, via Brandon Kiley of 610 Sports in Kansas City.

When the Chiefs signed Carlos Hyde this offseason, I thought there was at least an outside chance that Hyde would emerge as the lead back. That thought proved to be foolish at least so far. Then again, it’s not like Williams hasn’t earned this job. In 5 total starts in 2018, Williams totaled 572 yards from scrimmage. That’s a ton. Williams also averaged a careerhigh 5.1 yards per attempt on the season.

While you can certainly say that Kansas City missed Hunt, they didn’t miss him that much. Williams has been flat out awesome and runs like a freight truck. Outside of Carlos Hyde, the Chiefs do not have many running back options on the roster. Darrel Williams and Darwin Thompson are the only other backs worth mentioning.

Kansas City found a way to replace Kareem Hunt. Now they will also probably have to replace Tyreek Hill with a suspension looming. Mecole Hardman has even bigger shoes to fill than Damien Williams. Expectations are through the roof in KC and the time to win is now. The window is open for the Chiefs and it’s their best opportunity while Patrick Mahomes is on a rookie contract.

I’m just going to tell you this right now. If you already closed out the article, then that’s on you. If you lose your fantasy league, I don’t feel bad for you. I can promise you barring injury that Damien Williams will outscore his draft position. Andy Reid running backs always do. Plus I don’t need to mention how explosive this offense is. Draft Damien Williams on your fantasy team. Do it earlier than you think you have to.