The JBoy Show
Credit to Colin Cowherd. The JBoy Show was a great addition to The Volume who will end up being a great hire for his podcasting network. (via The JBoy Show YouTube Channel)

Cowherd Got It Right: The JBoy Show Was A Great Addition For The Volume

I’ve given Colin Cowherd a lot of shit (and he’s deserved every bit of it). There are a lot of hacks in the sports media world and he does his best to join the party once in a while. I’m not going to go down the normal route today. I’m always fair. Cowherd got it right, man. In an attempt to add talent to his network called “The Volume” The JBoy Show is going to end up being a hit.

I never try to rip people for the sake of ripping them. The Cooper Manning thing was weird. It deserved to be ripped. The JBoy Show? Cowherd has himself a keeper. It seems that he’s heading down the right path adding Bryce Young, Draymond Green, and John Middlekauff to the talent arsenal.

Truthfully, I find it hard to find reliable college football news. Nobody really knows what they’re talking about. The draft experts are clueless and the common analyst doesn’t know anything beyond who the starting quarterback is. It’s just a fact. It’s so hard to find good college football content out there. I’ve been trying to find a keeper for the site for three years and I still can’t find one.

Credit to Cowherd because I don’t know how he found this guy but he’s pretty good. I saw this clip on YouTube of JBoy talking about the Mario Cristobal situation with him heading to the University of Miami. Credit where credit is due. This guy knows what he’s talking about.

The nail gets hit on the head here with this clip. Mario is going to do two things for sure; fix the offensive line and recruit his ass off. Not only that but you can tell JBoy has no problem commanding the room. His peers respect him. His brain works quickly and is able to get from point A to point Q without a hitch.

I don’t really need to see anything else from this guy. I don’t even know his real name. JBoy knows his stuff and will be able to carve a big niche. Call it a respect blog. Anything big that happens in the CFB world, I may see what he has to say moving forward. More importantly, kuddos to Cowherd. I still can’t find a good college football guy and he got one within months of starting The Volume. Credit to him.

Side Note: I was tempted to make a negative comment about the name of the show. It’s a really, really, really stupid ass name for a show but I won’t do that. Positive vibes only. They deserve it in this instance.