Dak Prescott
Don’t do it, Dallas. The Cowboys are screwed if they cave and give Dak Prescott a long term contract. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

What should the Cowboys do with Dak Prescott? I think the answer is pretty easy. There are two options. Franchise tag him and try to trade him or let him walk. If the Cowboys really want to win a Super Bowl, it won’t be with Dak Prescott making elite quarterback level money. The Cowboys are screwed if they give Dak Prescott a long term deal. Dallas can’t give in.

A while ago, I wrote that the Cowboys can’t make the Blake Bortles mistake. Maybe that was a bit harsh. However, I still think the same thing holds true. Dak is a fine quarterback. Fine quarterbacks don’t win Super Bowls when they’re overpaid. The Rams window is over. Dallas’ window is over if they give Dak what he wants.

Everything is in place for Dak Prescott to succeed. Good running back, wide receivers, offensive line, and stars on defense. The talent around him is enough to beat the crappy teams. When times get tough, Prescott isn’t good enough to beat the teams that matter.

Dak Prescott

Not a huge sample size but still. Prescott has one playoff win against a bad Seattle team and it came down to the wire. You can’t unsee that week 16 game against Philadelphia who had no business winning. I think that’s the entire point. Dak Prescott isn’t better than Carson Wentz. In fact, it’s not really close. How can you compete if Dak makes more than Carson?

Dallas isn’t winning anything with Prescott making pennies. What’s going to happen when the supporting cast starts peeling off. Dallas will lose Byron Jones this offseason and he was the glue to the entire secondary. There’s no guarantee Amari Cooper is back. The offensive line is getting old and already expensive. Dallas’ chance to compete is keeping the pieces they have and supplementing it with a cheap quarterback. Prescott can’t carry a team. Don’t budge, Dallas. Your window is over if you do.