Mike McCarthy
The Cowboys need to fire Mike McCarthy. Admit your mistake and move on. McCarthy has a disastrous hire and Jerry Jones only has himself to blame. (Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports)

The Cowboys Need To Fire Mike McCarthy

When you make a mistake, recognize it quickly and adapt. The Arizona Cardinals didn’t waste any time moving on from Josh Rosen. They knew he wasn’t the guy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the Dallas Cowboys stink and that they need to fire Mike McCarthy now and sure as hell can’t let him come back next season.

The Cowboys have a talented roster. Talent is not the issue in Dallas. Sure, losing Dak Prescott sucks, but this team is just flat out quitting. Dallas is 2-5 on the season and has been outscored by 67 on the season. That’s not good enough.

Dallas was more competitive with Jason Garrett. That’s just a fact. The complaint with Garrett was that being 8-8 or 9-7 wasn’t good enough. How would Cowboy fans take 8-8 right now? When Garrett looks like a better alternative, you hired the wrong guy.

We know the truth on McCarthy now. Without Aaron Rodgers, he’s a nobody. McCarthy’s offense hasn’t changed a lick in ten years. Meanwhile, Rodgers is thriving with Matt LaFleur. Rodgers is now 18-4 without McCarthy. What does that tell you?

Dallas looks disorganized, disinterested, and lacks fight. When you get beat by more than 20 against Washington, there’s a problem. I don’t care who is on the field; Washington won’t beat anybody else by more than 20 the rest of the season.

What is with the Mike Nolan hire? Dallas’ defense looks like the University of Kansas. McCarthy hired Nolan because he owed him a favor; there’s no other logical explanation. Dallas is giving up 34.7 points per game. It makes it a hell of a lot worse when you’re giving up that while playing in the NFC East.

McCarthy has brought nothing to the table. Then again, maybe that’s what Jerry Jones wants. He hires, yes, men. Coaches that won’t challenge him and lets Jerry be Jerry. Dallas will never win while Jerry continues to run the show the way he wants with terrible coaching.

It’s time to pull the plug on the Mike McCarthy experiment. There is nothing more to see here. You screwed up, Jerry. Move on and fix your mistake.