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Counter-Strike 2 Valve

Counter-Strike 2 Confirmed

Counter-Strike 2 Valve
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Counter-Strike 2 Confirmed

At long last, a new Counter-Strike title has been officially announced. Counter-Strike 2 — or CS2 — is one of the first games to use the new Source 2 engine. With developer and publisher Valve announcing that a “limited test” of the game has been released in a limited capacity.

New Features:

Source 2 promises a full range of new ideas and opportunities. From the “basic” graphical and lighting upgrades down to how items and players interact with the world, Valve has published a series of videos talking about all sorts of changes they are bringing to CS2. From changes to grenades, gunplay and more.

All of this allows for greater possibilities for players to get the upper hand on their opponents. Or even to just have a much more stimulating time playing CS2.

But Wait There’s More:

For long-time players of the previous title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), some might be concerned about their inventories, items and skins collected over a decade of play. But those who are wanting to upgrade to CS2, without losing their inventories, won’t have to worry. Valve confirmed that CS:GO players who migrate over to the new game will keep everything they have bought or earned in CS:GO.

Finally, Valve has also confirmed that CS2 will be free, so you won’t have to spend a penny to play CS2. That’s a huge win for gamers who haven’t tried out CS:GO but wish to try out the newest title in the Counter-Strike franchise.

Release Date:

While Valve has not confirmed an official release date beyond the “Summer of 2023”, it won’t be long before that deadline is reached. Soon enough fans, including myself, will be able to get their hands on this brand-new title. Counter-Strike 2 looks to be a dream, here’s hoping the game is as fantastic as it looks.





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