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Could Ted Lasso Actually Dominate In The Premier League?

Ted Lasso
Could Ted Lasso actually dominate in the Premier League with AFC Richmond? If Lasso and AFC Richmond actually existed, what would happen? (Apple TV)

Could Ted Lasso Actually Dominate In The Premier League?

Ted Lasso is my new favorite show. I recently just finished season two and I’m blown away. The writing is excellent. The life lessons are also excellent. It’s a banger of a show and probably worth the Apple TV subscription for that show alone.

During a session of HT, an important question was sparked. If Ted Lasso was a real coach, could he actually dominate in the Premier League? The answer is yes and there is no other room for interpretation.

A: Can We Be Honest About The Premier League?

It really shouldn’t be hard to win games in the Premier League. That’s the god honest truth. Yes, obviously it’s a talent-rich league full of great teams and great players. Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool are great. I’m not denying that.

The rest of the league is filled with teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions. The main few teams are gobbling up all the top talent. Check out the post by Jerry Walker. It’s not that hard to be taken seriously.

You’re telling me you can’t build a squad that competes with West Ham? I’ve been to London. Nice stadium and all but they’re not shit compared to even Arsenal. All I hear is how dysfunctional Arsenal are and they’re 6th in the table with an outside shot at qualifying for the Champions League?

What are we talking about here? I could take over a Premier League team and compete. Yeah, cause Brentford really strikes the fear of god in Ted Lasso? Get real, noob.

B: Being A CEO Is More Important Than Being Smart

Ted Lasso doesn’t need to be an expert on soccer to compete in the Premier League. He just has to hire the right people and be the right type of leader. Ted is both of those things. If you command respect and can lead, good things will happen.

Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season for a reason. Guy commands the room and empowers his coaches.

Lasso has gotten the most of his players. He’s also got two aces with Danny Rojas and Jamie Tartt. Lasso will win games. Players at this age have already learned everything they need to know about soccer. What you really need is someone that can connect with people.

Lasso improves the professional environment. He improves their communication skills. That alone is more valuable than being smart on the clipboard.

C: Being Unorthadox Works

People thought Billy Beane was a moron at one point. Now everybody using analytics in baseball. Every person usually has the same thought process until a trailblazer enters the sport and changes things forever. If we think like the Yankees in here, we will lose to the Yankees out there.

Everybody has the same old ass tactics. Everybody is predictable. Every advantage has its disadvantage. Lasso would win games for the sole fact that he’s different. The assistant coaches can worry about the tactics. The Lasso way works. He would throw people off every week by just being different.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ted Lasso could do damage in the Premier League with AFC Richmond if the club actually existed. Especially with Roy Kent on his side.

PS: It’s actually scary how similar Roy Kent is to me in real life. I’m terrified.

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