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Corey Kispert 2021 NBA Draft Prospect Profile

Corey Kispert

Corey Kispert
Theres no question that Corey Kispert is the leader of this Gonzaga team.
(AP Photo/Young Kwak)

Corey Kispert is leading the charge for the Gonzaga Bulldogs this year.

Kispert, who has been a four-year starter at Gonzaga has the Bulldogs ranked 1st in the Nation. Every year Kispert has gotten better, but this year he has taken tremendous strides towards becoming a star player.

Last year Kispert averaged 13.9 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists. When he was named First Team ALL-WCC

Through the first nine games of the year, Kispert is averaging 21.1 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 2.1 assists.

He has the frame to make it as a Shooting Guard/ Small Forward at the next level.


  1. Elite Shooter– Since his freshman year, Corey Kispert has been a marksman from deep. He has been improving a little bit every year. It started at 35.1 % in 2017-18. Last year, he finished 43.8% from behind the arc. So far this year, he is shooting it north of 50%. Kispert doesn’t need the ball in his hands to score either, he is great on the catch and shoot.
  2. Playmaking– Kispert is a decent playmaker, who can find the open man. There’s no question, that if he’s open he’ll take the shot


  1. Defense– There is no question that Kispert is decent on defense. But there are ways that he can improve here. He struggles to guard quicker players. He has the size to help him on defense but there’s a worry that he may struggle to keep up with NBA Wings. If he can upgrade his athleticism, he may be better at defense.
  2. Rebounding– At Six-foot-seven, Kispert should be able to get inside the paint and grab some rebounds. But, in his collegiate career, this is something that he has always struggled with.

The Gonzaga star is currently projected to be drafted anywhere after the 20th pick in the NBA. He could very well be a mid to late first-round pick.

NBA Draft Comparisons: Dillon Brooks, Joe Harris, Martell Webster

There’s no question on whether or not Kispert will be able to shoot the ball at the next level. He is a great marksman from beyond the arc and can drive to the rim if he gets a great first step.

Look for Kispert to be somewhere near the likes of Harris and Brooks at the next level. He won’t be the star of a team but will be there when his number is called. At the lower end, if Kispert doesn’t transition well look for him to be more like Martell Webster.

Who should Draft him?

Going through the NBA teams, there are a couple that come to mind when you ask yourself who could use a three-point marksman.

Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers have a lot of three point shooters on their team. And there’s no question that they shoot a lot of threes. But one thing the Blazers have always lacked? A great shooter alongside Dame and CJ.

They need someone like Kispert that the defense will have to guard instead of double-teaming one of the stars.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs do not get much production three-point wise off their bench. Whether he is just a role player, or even becomes a starter. Kispert could fit in nicely with the Cavaliers offense.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder are in a rebuild, and Kispert could be a nice piece to have come off the bench when they’re ready to make a run again. You wouldn’t necessarily have to start him but he could be a good sixth man.


Corey Kispert will not be a star player at the next level, but he can be a valuable piece to a team off the bench or starting at the three. He needs to work on being more aggressive when it comes to defense and rebounding. But, he is a lights out shooter from the three-point line, with some playmaking abilities.

Kispert has the Bulldogs in a good spot this season as their star player though.

Fun Fact: I, Dacota Haynes, know Corey Kisperts twin sister Casey.




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